My treadmill stopped me.

After my last blog post about me considering a half-marathon I had this grand idea to get on the treadmill and run. Run until I couldn’t run anymore. I was just going to set it at a 10:40 pace, which is my comfortable pace, and see how long I could do that for without stopping.


My home treadmill stopped me. At 60 minutes it beeped and the words, “the end” scrolled on the screen. This left me a .20 mile shy of 6 miles total (math geeks, I ended up adjusting my pace throughout). So I gulped some water, and ran the remaining .20 mile to at least say I ran 6 miles.

This unkind act from the treadmill surprised me, and irritated me, so I did not think quick enough to just hit restart. I sort of have this mentality that once I stop it doesn’t count anymore, if that makes any sense. Well, it probably shouldn’t. If I have to stop due to technical difficulties and hit restart, it counts. Even if I have to stop to potty, or god forbid WALK for a minute, it still counts. And this is something I need to enforce with myself.

On a more positive note, I ran 6 miles!! Yay! That’s a longer distance for me. So this is good! Training programs suggest to increase your mileage by 10% each week, meaning next Sunday I should go for 6.6 miles. If I do this at the gym, I know the treadmill there will go for 90 minutes. If I end up doing it at home again I’ll be more prepared to hit that restart button.

If I keep this up, I just might be on my way to a half-marathon!

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