Like a wild woman

Wednesdays are usually my strength training day, I don’t know what kind of bug bit me, but when I got to the gym and saw a row of empty treadmills I decided to run instead. Or start with a run and then do strength training. Honestly, I didn’t have a specific plan (obviously).

Again, I was running at a faster pace than normal to start. Since I didn’t have a plan that was okay, why not work on my speed? What is a “normal” speed by the way? I’m comfortable at a 10:40 pace, I’m workin it at a 10:00, and I’m huffing&puffing at a 9:00 or below. I’d like to know other runner’s paces and comfort zones.

Back on topic; at mile 3 I figured I might as well go for 5 miles so that I won’t have to get up at 4:00 tomorrow morning. At this point I decided to alternate sprints and a regular pace every few minutes. I’m running, sprinting, running, huffing, puffing, running, girl on the treadmill next to me is annoying me, huffing, puffing, , , you get the picture, , ,

Amidst my huffing and puffing my arms were flailing back and forth like a wild woman being chased by a tiger. This is when I accidentally hit the emergency stop button! GAH!!!

Annoying girl next to me watched the whole thing happen, why isn’t annoying girl watching her own TV connected to her treadmill? There was GOOD TV on! (Say Yes to the Dress IS GOOD TV!).

As I learned on Sunday, when the treadmill stops you restart it. I restarted it. But I just couldn’t get back into the zone again. The zone where your mind has control over the exhaustion happening in the body. The zone where you feel like you can run for days and nothing will stop you. Nope. Couldn’t get there.

Total miles ran today: 4.8. GAH!!!! I feel so lame not finishing that .20 miles to do a complete 5. Ah well. Another lesson has been learned. Tame yourself on the treadmill woman! There are safety features on there for good reason!

With that, I still plan on attempting (tackling) 7 miles this Saturday.

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6 thoughts on “Like a wild woman

  1. Hi! I saw your profile on twitter and clicked the link to your blog. I run also (but am certainly not experienced in any sense of the word!). I run on treadmill, outside, and have done a few races recently (2 milers and 5K's). I am exactly the same as you as far as your comfort zones with speed. Sounds like you have good stamina for distance. I haven't tried anything past the 5K mark (which I've only done once so far). I have asthma so it gets hard for me some times. The last race I did was last month and the cold really got to me. I had a hard time breathing and coughed for the rest of the day after the race. I finished 2 miles in 17 and a half minutes. Do you do any races? Oh and I also strength train daily as well!

  2. oh my gosh. I wish I could've seen that scene play out. Is it okay if I LOL at you? hehe.I haven't ran in two weeks. I can only do it on the weekends, and it's been snowing both times. I'm a new runner. hope I don't suck wind next week when I'm back at it.

  3. Kelly, nice to meet ya! Nice time on the 2 miler! That's really good! That's too bad about the asthma, but great that you're not letting it keep you from running.I've done an 8K race and one 5K race so far. So a half-marathon sounds reeeeally scary, but I'm game!

  4. Nice to meet you, too! Thanks so much! Sometimes I'm really not sure what is considered a "good" time but I was happy. My goal was to finish within 20 minutes so I beat that! My 5K I finished in 30 min. and 52 sec which was right at my goal. My next 2 miler is coming up this month and then I have a 5K in April. I'm not too sure I'll be running in the heat so we'll see what I do after April!That's so great that you've done an 8K! I'm sure you'll get through a half-marathon with ease. I'm sure you've written about this (I have to read your other posts, just saw the latest one) but do you have a training schedule you will be following? I'd love to do a half but need to focus on running while controlling the asthma symptoms. It's hard and frustrating but I really am not a seasoned running so maybe with time and practice, I'll be able to control it better!I look forward to reading your posts. I've been thinking of starting a fitness blog myself. Fitness/health/nutrition is definitely a passion of mine. I'm looking forward to your future posts and exchanging running/exercising stories!

  5. Kelly – start a blog!! Go for it! It's nice to have record of your progress, how you feel, how you messed up, how you learned from it, etc, etc. At the moment I'm not following a training plan, I've looked at a few, just haven't found the one that is "right' for me. As long as I increase mileage weekly I think I'm okay.When you start your blog, please leave me a link!!

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