No aims; no expectations.

Yesterday was my long run day. It wasn’t sunny like the past couple Saturdays, but I’ve got a goal to meet. So I threw on my winter layers and went for the long run in falling, flaky snow.

It’s amazing how I’ve developed a new love for running in the winter. In past years I took my running indoors from November to April. I think since I’ve started blogging and tweeting about health/fitness/running it’s lit a go-get-em-girl spark in me.

Since last week I ran 8.9 miles due to a malfunction in the imapmyrun gps app on the iphone, I mapped out a 8 mile route, and a 9 mile route ahead of time. The plan was to do at least 8, but go for 9. I also tested out a different gps app called runkeeper. This app was heaps more accurate, but did still manage to rob me some mileage. When I finished it said 9.3, which I was happy with. It’s the furthest I have ever run in my life. How could I not be ecstatic about that?

I get home, I log my 9.3 run into, which also updates the facebook & twitter. Am I too connected? A couple hours later I analyze the route on the map and notice that on the last bend, the app got lazy and mapped me running through the woods, meaning I was robbed approximately a half mile. So in reality, I ran closer to 9.5, maybe a little more.

All in all, I think this was my best long run. My speed also improved from last Saturday. I managed 9.5 in an hour and 42 minutes. That’s less than it took me to do 8 last week! I couldn’t be happier with myself.

Next Saturday; 10 miles!

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