Today I had intended on tackling a 15 mile run. I used mapmyrun.com to map out a route, I don’t know if it’s just me, but it’s not the easiest thing to use. My plan of attack when using it is to plot down a distance in one direction, on a separate piece of paper write down that distance, clear the map, and start again from the turn around point until I’ve reached the total mileage I’m going for. The reason I do it this way is because it’s finicky when you go back in the same direction you came from, freezes my computer, and it’s just annoying.

Anyway, long explanation, but I mismapped my 15 miler. I had only mapped 12. It should have occurred to me, when I reached what I thought was mile 13, my inner dialogue was going “WOW, less than 2 hours!!”. Thinking back, duh, if it took me over two and a half hours to do 14 miles two weekends ago, how could I have possibly improved my time by that much?

On the very important positive side, I’m not going to beat myself up over mismapping. This 12 mile run was an excellent run. I felt great through the whole thing, I hydrated myself, stopped for potty breaks, tried some MountainBerry Hammer Gel, sun was out, and felt strong the entire way through to the last mile.

If I felt strong, why you ask did I stop? Because I did end up tiring out towards the last mile. If I had known I was shorting myself by 3 miles I would have downed another Hammer Gel and kept going strong. This is why I NEED A GARMIN watch.

Puppy for sale = $cost of a Garmin watch. Good price, no?


8 thoughts on “Miss-mapped

  1. I used mapmyrun.com as well for this weekend’s long run and was short changed on the distance too. I agree that this online tool is very finicky. I’m not a fan at all. Good work anyways! How were the hammer gels?

    • Hammer Gels were way better than the Clif shots. Tasted better, and I actually felt more energized after taking it. I’m going to buy more.

  2. I have used gmap-pedometer.com for years, and it is a great tool–easy to use, no frozen screens. I even mapped out splits for intervals. Just go to the website and type in “madsion” into the “Jump to” box.
    Well, I am not using it that often any more because I treated myself to a Forerunner 305 when it was on sale at amazon. It is a pure joy.

  3. I’ve been using mapmyrun too or runtracker to assist until I get my garmin.. I guess I need to look into the gels or chews.. I’ve only taken them once when I did my 10 miler last august and I’m not a fan but I hear it will help over the long run with longer runs.. eh.. I’ll pick up a few and try them this weekend.. along with a belt so Ican take my water with me

    you have a race coming up soon don’t you?

    • I have a little 8K in just over a week, it’s a fun fun fun run, so nerves!
      I recommend the Hammer Gel, they’re not gag-worthy

  4. Oh I was screaming at my pc using Map my Run last week…I swear it has a mind of its own some times. I find it a frustrating but necessary tool.

    I used my first kind of Gu gel recently and didn’t really notice any difference…I think I expected I would suddenly feel the urge to sprint 5 miles after running 10 already…oddly, that didn’t happen.

    • My first Gu experience was the same, I expected instant energy, I think I took it a bit too late though.
      lol @ screaming at the PC bcause of MapMyRun. It is frusterating.

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