Granny Hip Runner

Warning:  This may be an over-dramatic blog.

To the left of my text here is an illustration of my train of thoughts since Tuesday morning.  You guessed it, I’m injured.

The lame part is that I don’t even really know what caused this mess. 

All I know is that my right hip is pissed and I should not be running on it.  Boo.

These are the last couple of runs before the pain:

  • Thursday:  30 minutes hill workout.  Pretty intense.
  • Saturday:  Crazy Legs Race.  Pushed myself, finished 47:03, not crazy fast, but fast for me.  The course is pretty challenging with some major hillage.
  • Sunday:  Was sore-throaty, took it easy with a walk.
  • Monday:  Recovery run, 3 miles.  Ran slow to enjoy the weather.  This is where I first noticed the SLIGHT pain, but not enough pain to throw in the towel.

So what in the world?  Could it be those dreaded hills?  It really doesn’t appear to be over-training with that low mileage last week.  I’m sick to my stomach with worry.

My half marathon is some-what near, May 30th.  I’ll be pretty bummed if I have to pull out of that.  It’s my first half, I know I can do it, but I’ve paid for the damn thing!  That’s $60 I’ll never see again!

So have any of you been injured before?  What did you do, how did you cope, how long did it take for recovery?  Your encouraging/sympathizing thoughts are needed.

Truely yours,

Granny Hip Runner.


7 thoughts on “Granny Hip Runner

  1. I pulled my IT band during training for my first half marathon. The best thing to do is take time off to make sure you don’t make matters worse, figure out what is wrong (not necessarily what CAUSED it, but what needs fixing) and start focusing on finding cross training that won’t hurt (or, again, make it worse). Yes, you’ll lose some training time and probably won’t do as well, but it’s better to use the time to train up and at least be more likely to be able to run your race than push through it and not make race day. Once you get a feel for what’s wrong, you can probably find cross training that doesn’t hurt (maybe cycling or swimming?) your hip so you can keep up a level of activity until the pain ceases and you’re confident again.

    Chances are, you can probably work the pain away with some regular and targeted stretching; maybe icing if it’s “that kind of pain.” If it doesn’t go away or at least feel like it’s getting better, and you’re still not certain what it is, see a sports therapist sooner, rather than later, so you can get properly assessed and ensure you’re doing the right things to heal up.

    Worst case scenario, you can’t run the half. There are worse things than losing out on $60. There will always be another race. If you’re up for it, you could walk it. If not, you can volunteer to help out or cheer others on…

    • Thank you. Will Google Sports Therapist ASAP. I did some cycling last night, didn’t seem to bother it too much. It was when I got off the bike that I was like, “OOwwWee”.
      And I’ll continue icing it down with a bag of frozen mangos.
      I appreciate the advice!

  2. From one fitness freak to another… I TOTALLY GET IT!

    Figuring out what caused your pain is important so you don’t do it again… but healing is more important right now. Jeesh…. it was my left hip; now it’s your right hip. Is it time for new running shoes perhaps?

    I got injured April 10 and barely had any movement in my left leg for day. I don’t want to jinx my progress but I’m pretty sure I will be good to run my half this Sunday. I felt every over dramatic emotion you are feeling now! It’s natural! You’re put in the training time and deserve to reap the reward of running the damn race!!!

    Here are my tips to a quick recovery.
    DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor and this a list of things I’VE done over the past few weeks to heal my injury.

    Firstly: unlike me, DO NOT RUN! REST!!!

    Chiro: see a sports chiropractor. He/she will be able to diagnose the problem right away. I saw mine three times (but I didn’t have a month to recover)

    Registered massage therapist: I highly suggest seeing an RMT. (with or without the Chiro visit) If this is your first half marathon training you are most likely not stretching as much as you should. (Let’s be honest, no one does) Letting a professional massage out the knots and tension goes a very long way. (my third visit is tomorrow morning – can’t wait for the pain)

    Fish oil: I take its daily but really increased my dosage since the injury. It reduce inflammation and is good for the joints and circulation.

    Ibuprofen: relaxes tense muscles. I’ve been taking one a day since my injury.

    Epsom salt baths: also helps relax muscles. I bathed after every cross training session, chiro and RMT visit.

    Stretches: I’m sure you know tones of stretches but your chiro or RMT may have specific stretches for your injury. (my chiro showed me a one today I’d never seen before). Don’t do HOT YOGA like me!!

    You have a month, if you listen to your body you should have plenty of time to heal before your race. You’ve done your long runs… you know you can go the distance!


    • omg you’re the best, thanks for all that. My husband takes Fish Oil, so I just happen to have it in my home! Will gobble one up with breakfast, THANKS.
      Thanks so much! & good luck this Sunday, I’ll be thinking of you & slightly jealous that you’re running 🙂

  3. I’m new to running, BUT what always seems to help me IS RICE:
    REST, ICE, COMPRESSION & Elevation
    I also agree with the Fish Oil.
    I would also take a couple of days off.
    Also some Yoga/Stretching might help.

    Hope you feel better soon!!

  4. I don’t have much new to offer you, but I think you have time on your side. You last week was a low mileage week, right? I’m not sure what the week before was. Sometimes races tend to both bring out injuries that were lurking under the surface (after the race) AND mask injuries because of excitement, adrenaline, stubbornness (during the race). You’ve got almost a month to get that hip fixed. And I’m assuming that one of those weeks is a taper week. Take a week off, RICE it, get a massage or two, and then get back at it. But remember, I am not a doctor either 🙂

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