The full is surprisingly near too.

Last night as I was catching up on blogs that I follow, Girl Runs Through it ( )  mentioned how close the Chicago Marathon actually is.  Right now it’s May.  October seems so far away, it’s like two seasons away.  But really, it’s just 20 weeks away.  What’s a typical marathon training plan, about 18 weeks?  Oye, I need to get crack-a-lacking.

After catching up on blogs I found an informative Email from the good people of the Chicago Marathon.  I’m so impressed with the training advice that they offer I really wanted to share it with you:


 When you begin your marathon training, it’s important to start where you are comfortable. You’ve heard the saying, “You have to crawl before you can walk”; same goes for the marathon—you have to run one mile before you can run two, or 10 or 20 miles.


 True.  I remember last spring when five miles seemed impossible.  Look at me now, I’m doing ten mile easy runs.  Last spring that would have sounded like an oxymoron to me.  Just take it one stride at a time. 


 I think it’s important to have patience and give yourself time and plenty of rest. If you want to start running and you’ve never run your entire life, that’s an amazing and wonderful thing. Don’t put pressure on yourself. My advice to people is to stay at it and take their time. Set small goals along the way and don’t be overwhelmed by the process.” – Kara Goucher


 Also true, and something I really need to accept.  Sometimes I find myself thinking I should be faster, but really I’ve only been running for a year and a half.  I’m doing pretty darn good for a year and a half of running.  :::Pats self on the back:::


 Wear Technical Socks: The number one rule for all runners is to stay away from cotton socks. Cotton fabric lacks the sweat-wicking technology, support features and ventilation capabilities that technical running socks provide. Technical socks keep your feet comfortable, dry and blister-free by wicking moisture away and allowing your feet to breathe.


 Now this is something I’m hugely guilty of.  I don’t own a pair of technical socks.  My feet are a blistery mess.  My feet might thank me for getting some of those socks!


 Doctor’s Orders
As the Medical Director of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, our team will periodically remind you of the challenges you may face during your training. We will guide you so that on October 10, your journey is a safe and satisfying one. Listed below are 10 topics that you need to consider as you begin your training.

  1. Be sure to inform your primary care physician of your marathon goal.
  2. Address any and all injury issues with your trainer/coach or health care team.
  3. Determine your sweat rate and fluid needs early on.
  4. Train and begin using any foods or gels to determine what works best for you.
  5. Don’t over-train; recovery is vital for your long term goal.
  6. Consider how you respond to running in both hot and cold weather and adjust accordingly.
  7. Rest; be sure to obtain as much sleep as possible during this training period.
  8. Limit alcohol consumption as this is a performance inhibitor.
  9. Be sure to obtain your daily nutritional needs of protein, carbohydrates and fat.
  10. Run in safe and open environments and make yourself visible.

I look forward to working with you on this extraordinary journey. Enjoy the moment, be safe and run hard.

George Chiampas DO
Medical Director
Bank of America Chicago Marathon


What a great Email!  I’m really looking forward to more of these Emails.  I hope that sharing these Emails is insightful to someone out there!  And I want to close with the best piece of advice that ANY runner can take from this Email:


Keep your training in perspective, and remember, instead of focusing on the finish line today, celebrate the start line—you’re already standing on it!


One thought on “The full is surprisingly near too.

  1. 20 weeks…hmmm…*gulps*. ok, let’s get it girl! Time to unleash the beast. Do I hear the Rocky theme song playing? Hope we get a chance to meet in Chicago 🙂

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