Small goals + accomplishment = bigger goals (plus guest post by @iTrytoTry)

             Isn’t it funny how a small goal can morph into a bigger, more daring goal?  My running goals all started with an 8K race.  A year and a half later I’m shooting for the stars, AKA a full marathon.  Wait, that’s not funny, that’s crazy.  By crazy I mean ambitious.


            During my long run on Saturday I took a path that’s next to a lake.  As I ran passed the lake I observed some swimmers who appeared to be training, possibly for a triathlon?  I thought to myself, “That doesn’t look so bad, it actually looks nice.  I could do that”. 


            Uh-Oh, did I just get bit in the bum by the triathlon bug?  That’s more crazy talk.  At this point in my training I can’t let my ambitions take on anything more.  This summer is all about training for the marathon.   Though, I do smirk at how my goals are like colorful firecrackers that keep bursting into the night.


            It would appear that I’m not alone on ever-evolving goals.  I asked a Twitter friend today, “Have you ever made a goal that turned into a bigger goal?” 


            Her response:


When I started my healthy lifestyle in January 2008, my goal was to lose a few pounds. In order to do that, I knew I would need to exercise consistently and running is free, but I needed motivation. So I signed up for my first 5K in April 2008. It was amazing! My time was bad, but I didn’t care. I wanted to keep participating in races and in that year I did three 5K’s.


But that wasn’t enough. I needed more motivation to keep moving, especially during the summer months when I struggled to run because of the NYC humidity and heat.


That’s when I began swimming.


Then I realized that I could find an event that would incorporate my love of swimming and my desire to become a real runner.


That’s when I discovered the Iron Girl Triathlon.


I registered and trained (not enough by any means) for the event which took place July 26, 2009. It was astounding. I was almost dead last. But once I crossed that finish line I felt like I could conquer the world. I have never felt that good about myself until they slipped that finishers medal over my head.


This year I am doing the Iron Girl again– and possibly a couple more triathlons. But even more motivating is the possibility that I will be doing a 1/2 marathon in December, if possible. If not, I will definitely be doing one next year.


That’s the thing about goals. Once you reach one, more pop up. I think you have to always have a goal…bigger and better. Without them, we just have no purpose.

Irene aka @iTrytoTri on Twitter

So, set those goals, no matter how small you think they are. You never know what those small goals can become.


4 thoughts on “Small goals + accomplishment = bigger goals (plus guest post by @iTrytoTry)

  1. I know about small goal morphing into big goals! My mind has also been toying with partaking in a full marathon next spring and a TRI next summer. You are an over achiever, jumping straight into a full marathon!! I love your spirit!!! Keep it up! Love reading your updates!

  2. Oh I so get this. After running the half I was all never again, no way, and it’s a little like giving birth…you soon forget the pain. I went for a run this week and all of a sudden I started contemplating running a full marathon next year. What? Where did that thought come from? Crazy. Don’t know if I’ll do it but there’s something about raising the bar and pushing ourselves that comes naturally, I think.

    If I could swim for more than 2 seconds I’d probably consider a sprint triathlon.

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