Seventeen miles. Run.

     Attitude. At-ti-tude. Noun. A mental position with regard to a fact or state b : a feeling or emotion toward a fact or state.

     I’ve heard the saying that long distance running is 90% mental and the rest physical. They might be on to something. Last week I psyched myself up for a 16 mile run. The day before I kept telling myself “you can do it, you can do it, even if you have to stop and walk, you’ll do it, don’t worry about it, go get em tiger!”  I was pleased with myself after accomplishing those miles.

     Now this week I’m facing a SEVENTEEN mile run. Where’s that go get em attitude that I was having last week? Is it because I know how a 16 mile run feels, and 17 is one more mile (that’s like 11 more minutes in my book). Maybe it’s because I’ve got a big weekend coming up and I’m scared the run will leave my legs rubbery, sore and worthless.

     Well, that can’t happen. I’m standing up in a wedding– and if you must know, I’m wearing a navy blue chiffon potato sack, it is the most shapeless piece of clothing I’ve put myself into since I lost 30 lbs. The whiney girl in me is saying, “Ah, just do 16, you’re ahead of the training schedule, you can afford to slack this weekend”. But the big-headed runner freak in me thinks that if I slack one week that will lead to more slacking in the future.

     I think I have to step up and stop being such a wiener about these long distances.  I took on this challenge, it’s my responsibility, and the only way to do it is to be fearless.  Just get up and go for it.  No excuses.  Run.


2 thoughts on “Seventeen miles. Run.

  1. Long runs before friends’ weddings are a must! It helps put the whole weekend in perspective. Enjoy the miles and have a blast at the wedding. Yeah, your legs will feel it, but they won’t keep you from enjoying the event (blue potato sack or not), right?

  2. Here’s the thing…if you did 16 miles, you can do 17. There is nothing out there saying you can’t. Don’t worry about the wedding. Don’t worry about your legs. When running, I find its best not to worry, period. Just think about the here and now. Right now. Not an hour from now. Not a day. Just now. And right now, you can do it my friend. You are an inspiration.

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