Inhale, exhale, ahhhhhh.

     Ahhhh… It’s a (relatively) easy week for me.  Only 11 miles planned for this Saturday before I go back up to a crazy 18 miles.  EEeeek.  It’s amazing how this Hal Higdon plan is working so well though.  I remember the first time I looked at a plan and thought, “How in the world do you go from 11 to 18 miles?  That’s nonsense”.  And here I am, confident that I’ll make it happen.


     Getting my shorter runs in this week has been a battle against the ferocious heat and humidity.  Yesterday I attempted a track workout but the 95 degree weather won and I walked home with my tail between my legs.  My stubbornness got me back out there later in the evening and I did some short bursts of sprints back and forth on the grass. 


     In other news I received a pair of Spira running shoes that I had won from!

     They’re right up my alley, though the size must run a half a size too large.  I wear a womans 9.5 in Nike and Mizuno, but the 9.5 in Spira is a wee bit big.  I took them to the track anyway last night. 

     The shoe is light, flexible and breathable.  Size issues aside, I would get another pair of these for my shorter runs and save my Mizunos for the longer runs (5 miles or more).


     If you read my last blog post you might remember that I was not looking forward to wearing a Navy Blue Chiffon potato sack at a wedding that I was standing up in last weekend.  I did my bridesmaid-ly duties, stood, smiled for the camera, and after the dinner I cut my dress to be knee length!  The bride was completely OK with it at that point, and by midnight all of the other girls had done the same.  After the dress cutting had been done it seemed that more people had noticed/complimented on my new runner’s body since the last time I saw them.  So far, I think that’s the most rewarding part of this whole adventure. 


2 thoughts on “Inhale, exhale, ahhhhhh.

    • haha, I fully intended on adding some pics, but I have such a hard time formatting the blog as it is! I’ll DM you on Twitter w/ a pic 🙂

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