Half marathon, good thinking.

     A couple of months ago when I registered for the Madison Mini Marathon (half marathon), I was biting my lip because I was unsure of whether or not it would be a good idea. Reason being, is that I’m “following” Hal Higdon’s novice II plan The word following is in quotation marks because I’m not strictly following it, instead I have been doing 1-2 more miles than suggested for the long runs. For instance:

Week 7

Novice II plan calls for: 14 miles – I did 16

Week 8

Novice II plan calls for: 15 miles – I did 17

Week 9

Novice II plan calls for: 11 miles – I did 11 miles, it was a recovery week yo!

Week 10

Novice II plan calls for: 17 miles – I did 18 miles

Week 11

Novice II plan calls for: 18 miles – I’ll be doing 13.1

     This week I should really be increasing by one mile from last week, but I’m thinking my body couldn’t/shouldn’t take another three and a half hour beating like that. Perhaps Novice II was a little presumptuous of me to go for. But Novice I seemed freakishly too short on mileage to achieve the 26.2 I’m going for.

     So, what’s my point? I think I made the right decision in signing for the half marathon. I’m not going to run hard or go for a PR, I’m just going to run it for the fun of running with thousands of other enthusiastic runners. 

(But really, my last half marathon, was my first, and first time experience running in extreme heat, so I didn’t do so hot, 02:28, so I’m pretty sure I’ll set a new PR, if not, I’ll live).


3 thoughts on “Half marathon, good thinking.

  1. I’ve also signed up for a half about 6-8 wks prior to my full (it will be my 4th). I think its a good “practice” prior to the full both mentally & physically. You have the right attitude; go out and have fun! I know you will rock it! Can’t wait to read the update 😉

  2. I’m doing a half the month before my full too. I think 13.1 miles at a race pace will help your training as much as an 18 or 19 miler would.

  3. no full here, but i have my first half set for october. i’m using hal higdon’s novice, but you’re right – the miles are too low. i started out with a 6 mile long run instead of the 4 he suggested, and i’ll end it with 13 or 14 miles instead of 10 (why would anyone only do 10 if they’re training for 13.1???). good luck to you on setting a pr for your half distance!

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