Madison Mini Marathon (was fantastic!)


     Finally after a race I’m stoked about my results!  The first half marathon I did in May was somewhat disastrous with my first experience running in high heat/humidity and finishing in 02:28.  To PR by 13 minutes yesterday had me grinning like a fool all day!

     One major lesson I learned from this half marathon is if I’m racing in my own city, it would be very beneficial to look at the race course ahead of time.  For whatever reason I like to be surprised by the course, I think it’s an added challenge and excitement to the race.  But knowing where the finish line is located could really help me.

     In my first 5K I remember hearing loud cheers towards the end, and I would think, “Oh, the finish must be around the corner” and I would go flying with all my might.  I’d get around the corner to find no finish, just enthusiastic spectators.  I experienced this again yesterday in my half marathon.  I heard loud cheers, and a spectator even said, “finish just around the corner!”

     Finish just around the corner?  BOOYAH! I went balls to the wall flying with every ounce of energy I had left in me.  Seriously, I must have looked like a mad woman because I saw every runner’s head turn as I flew by them.  And when I got around that corner I was faced with a slight hill and no finish line. 

     My mad woman pace came to a halt and turned into a slow trot.  Then I began to feel nauseous.  “Please don’t vomit in front of all this people.  Please don’t have to stop and walk with the finish just around the corner, whatever that really means“.

     So there was another corner, and the finish line in sight.  I picked up my pace to finish looking strong.  And I mean LOOKING strong, because I was feeling far from it after my ridiculous sprint.  Lesson learned:  Always know where the finish line is!



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