Does finishing a marathon really feel awesome?


     Yesterday I did another 18 mile run.  It took me 3 hours and 27 minutes, a whole minute less than my first 18 mile run.  When I finished I didn’t feel awesome, I didn’t feel accomplished, I felt somewhat disappointed with how long it takes me to put in these miles.  So if a marathon is going to take me at least 5 hours, will I even feel amazing?  I wonder.

     When I got home my husband asked, “So could you do 8 more miles?”

     “Uggghhhhh, no!!!”

     “You need to train more!”  He was being sarcastic.

     The good news is that I only have 2 more freakishly long runs left (a 19 and a 20).  The bad news is that I only have 2 more freakishly long runs left (a 19 and a 20).  The 20 mile run just happens to fall on my 5 year wedding anniversary!  Maybe we can find a hot tub but fill it with ice instead, that’s sexy, right?

     What I really need to do is stop feeling down about how slow I am, and get into the first marathon spirit.  I’m not a sensitive person and don’t really cry at happy stuff, but I’ve got this sinking feeling that I just might cry at the Chicago Marathon.  But what I’m not sure of is whether it will be tears of joy or tears of pain.


6 thoughts on “Does finishing a marathon really feel awesome?

  1. Why does your time bother you? The only way it can bother you is if you are comparing yourself to other runners. You know, no matter how fast you run there will always be someone faster than you. You have come such a long way and you just ran 18 miles girl! You WILL finish that marathon and you most likely will cry and that is just perfectly ok. I am so proud of you and reading about your runs. I can’t wait to see your finisher’s medal. Keep smiling and keep BELIEVING in yourself as much as we all do.

  2. I usually feel emotions flooding my eyes right before the start when music is playing, when the national anthem is played/sung (I am not even American), and I realize that NOW is the NOW, that in the next hours everything will culminate, and that I really made it so far. To be at the start is a great achievement already. After the race there is relief, joy, or maybe some sort of disappointment but not much water in my body left for tears. However, to say you are a marathoner (time really doesn’t matter much) is something that will change how you feel about yourself. That’s worth crying.

  3. It’s hard training for a Marathon, harder on your own. Don’t worry about the time. On the day it’ll feel great. It’ll be hard but once you cross that line you’ll have a great sense of achievement. Remember, only 1% of the population will ever run a marathon – you’ll be one of the special few. You can do it!! 😀

  4. It feels so good, no matter what. My first was in March, LA Marathon, and I ran with a training group and was in the sub-4 hour coral but I got hurt around mile 18 and finished at 4:19. I was a little upset–later but once I crossed the line, it was euphoric! Good luck, I think you’ll do just fine.

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