The things I did this summer

        It’s been a long, challenging summer of first time marathon training.  Summer is practically over, and so is my training.  I can’t deny that I’ve been looking forward to being done with training.  There’s a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders, I feel good.  I’m completely ecstatic for the marathon.


            This coming weekend is what I consider my last long run, 20 miles.  After that is a 12 mile, and an 8 mile (seriously, is 8 enough the week before the marathon!!??).  The final 20 mile run has me reflecting on some of the outrageous things I did this summer as I became a runner. 


·         Woke up at 4:00 AM for some long runs to try to beat the heat/humidity.

·         Wore a hat with an iced sock under it to keep cool on a hot day.

·         Went for a 16 mile run that began with a heavy downpour of rain, thunder and lighting.  (Huge thanks to my husband for riding his bike alongside me for the first 3 miles).

·         Did a track workout in a flash flood warning.

·         Ran up and down a big hill for 30 minutes once a week.

·         Ran 18 miles one week before a half marathon and STILL PR’ed by 13 minutes.

·         Didn’t turn around and go home when my headphones died on mile one of a 15 mile run.  (I lucked out; by mile 5 one ear piece came back to life).

·         Rode my bike to the start of my 2nd half marathon.  The ride home wasn’t so pleasant.

·         Ate BBQ Chicken pizza every Friday night before a long run, from the same place– yes they know me by name.

·         Continued on with a 12 mile run though I knew blue Gatorade had leaked down my back from a crappy hydration belt.  (Hydration belt was replaced).

·         Might be TMI spoiler:  Went for a 10 mile run though I had diarrhea for several days prior.  Made it 9.5 miles before I had to clench tight and walk home.

·         Spent the week making and setting aside ice for my weekend ice bath.

·         Had weekend ice baths.  Nuff said.

·         Gave up tennis because that I read that it’s not a good cross training activity and can make you more prone to injury.

·         Allowed carbs back into my life.


Thinking about some of the adventures I’ve been on during training I know I’ve earned a thicker skin.  I feel tough!  Like a bad-ass rebel ready to run it out for 26.2 miles!


(Sick & Injured update:  I’m better, sorta.  Apparently in my old age of 28 I’ve developed allergies.  Yay!!)     


5 thoughts on “The things I did this summer

  1. It’s funny how much we sacrifice for our running! Great job almost making it through your first marathon training program. Good luck finishing up and good luck in your upcoming marathon!

    And yes 8 miles is plenty the week before your marathon. You want to make sure your good and rested so you can run a great marathon which I’m sure you’ll accomplish! Good luck.

  2. holy moly rockstar!!!
    you have conquered so much! this will be an awesome race for u!
    thank u for the awesome words of encouragement! I will definitely try a TRI soon! 🙂
    I hope your having a great week!

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