omg omg omg I have a bib number omg omg omg


            If I wasn’t worked up about my first marathon as it is, I’m now feeling full blown nut-job-wacko for getting myself into this messImeanAdventure! 


            Yesterday my mail box welcomed me home from work with a confirmation ticket from Chicago Marathon.  It’s really happening!  Not just an idea, not something I just talk, type, & blog about.  I have an official bib number—which by the way has too many 4’s in it and 4 is my unlucky number (feck).


            Aside from the unlucky amount of 4’s in my bib number, the confirmation comes in a 37 page booklet.  A booklet!!  All the information I need is covered in 37 pages (well, there is a Nike ad splashed in there).  I must admit this makes the ordeal a wee bit more intimidating.


            This is the reality:  I registered for a HUGE marathon.  So huge that it’s going to take AT LEAST 30 minutes to cross the starting line.  So huge that I might crap my pants because I was too impatient to wait in line for a porta potty. 


            Okay, maybe that was a little overdramatic. 


            On a slightly off-topic note, people keep asking, “So are you ready for the taper madness?”  I think I’ll be okay this week, coming off of a 20 mile run.  Next week I may get more fidgety.  The week before the marathon is when I’ll probably go ape-shit.



4 thoughts on “omg omg omg I have a bib number omg omg omg

  1. There is no way to feel ready for your first marathon. But it will always be one of the best memories of your life. You are going to have so much fun and feel a pride you didn’t even know you could feel. I can’t wait to hear all about it.

  2. Brilliant! I’m excited for you. Dinnae worry about taper madness – It’s all in the mind. Agree with Ann, there’s no way to feel ready since you’ve never done it before. Take it as it comes, be happy, and enjoy it!! 😀

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