Group running

           My legs were sore, I was a little hesitant, but I went anyway.  Last night I joined some people for my first group run.  After the run I was glad I did it, though thinking about it today I’m feeling a little annoyed with how it went. 

Stick with me, this isn’t meant to be another whiney blog post of mine.  

I showed up a little early and met the organizer of the group, we’ll call him Todd.  Todd was really nice; he showed some interest in my training for Chicago Marathon. 


Todd:  “So how long have you been training for Chicago Marathon?”
Me:      “Since May”

Todd:   “Oh… I decided to run a marathon on Oct. 31st.  I haven’t really been training though”

Me:      “Oh… So have you run a marathon before?”

Todd:   “No, I can do 10 mile runs with ease.  A couple of weekends ago I did 19 miles and it wasn’t too bad”

Me:      “Well that’s very ambitious of you.  Good luck”


Are you kidding me?!  Does this scream foolish to anyone else?  Either he’s going to be in for a big surprise, or he’s one talented runner, who by the way has only started running this year.  To each their own I guess. 

Let’s move onto the group run. 

 The group claimed that they run a 10-12 minute mile pace, which is exactly my range of pace.  We started to run, and the group took off like a bat out of hell, and I was left behind with one other girl.  We’ll call her Sue. 

Sue brought her iPod Shuffle.  Sue runs with her iPod Shuffle on, and still manages to converse in a louder-than-necessary tone on our run.  It was very difficult to add to this conversation as you can imagine, so it was a lovely 4.5 mile run while Sue babbled on and on and on…

 Here’s what I contributed to the conversation: 




 Don’t get me wrong, I came to this run group with full intention on meeting new people, I came with an open mind, and I tried my damndest to have a conversation with iPod Shuffle Sue.   

AggGgghHhhhh!!  Can you see how this would be a frustrating group run experience?  Or am I over-reacting and being whiney?



7 thoughts on “Group running

  1. I’ve never been involved in an official group run but have been out with two other people before and even that made things interesting. Two of us (my daily running partner and I) run at the same pace, like the same routes, and prefer not to chat while running so we can jam to our playlists. The third person runs at a different pace, prefers other routes and doesn’t listen to music. After a few runs, we parted ways and got back to our 2 person group and it works. I think that’s because we talked upfront about our preferences and got into a routine together from Day 1. I wouldn’t have improved as much as I have without my partner in crime.

  2. Todd seems like a character! Good for him if he actually pulls it off… some people just can.
    I was the person at run group that ran with my ipod all the time 🙂

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂 to be honest i love running because it is me, myself and i 😉 groups can be interesting if you find the perfect one not the one who leaves you behind or the one you have to wait for or for sure not the one who think who knows a lot about running like your new friend 🙂 it is a good way to meet people i give it another shot, otherwise i would forget about it!! Good luck!!

  4. Hey girl! Finding a running group that suits you can be frustrating! Think about it like dating though – you had a rough first date. Keep in mind that you didn’t get to see every side of the group (meet everyone), and some guys just take off too fast on a first date! Give them one more chance, and if you’re still uncomfortable or irritated, find a new group. You would be surprised how many running groups there are in a single town! Finding one person in the group that you enjoy being around can make all the difference, even if he or she doesn’t run at your pace. Good luck!!

  5. You are so cute. One thing I have learned about the running community is that there are many narcissistic people that are runners – perhaps Todd? I’ve always pretty much been a solo runner and I think I’m ok with that. Then I don’t have to worry about someone else. So here is the thing – you have trained by yourself for a friggin’ marathon girl! It’s probably ok if the running club doesn’t work out huh?

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