After the marathon, I lived and learned.

    It’s been four days since the marathon.  I’ve had a lot of free time to reflect on it since I had Monday and Tuesday off of work.

First, I want to apologize for not being more positive after the whole experience.  I realize there are readers out there who have not run a marathon before, and the last thing I want to do is shy anyone away from training for a marathon.  Instead I really encourage anyone and everyone to go for it.  Don’t wait until you’re “ready”.  Pick a race, register, train, and you will become ready.  It can be done.

Second, I’m trying to figure out why I’m so hard on myself.  I wasn’t raised by parents with overly high expectations.  I’m really not a perfectionist…So why am I defining my first marathon by a number?  5:17:33.  My husband and I were discussing this, and he said this:

You’re quirky.  You just do and think very irregular things.  That’s just you.”

He’s right, I do have some odd-ball quirks.  But I don’t think being hard on myself should be qualifed as a quirk.  In all honesty, I think I’m more dissapointed in myself for not being more happy for me.  When I looked up my photo results from it actually made me tear up.  There’s a girl who finished right next to me, she has the biggest smile in the world.  I am not smiling…I resemble a zombie.

 But the good news is, I lived, and I learned.  It’s okay to have goals, and it’s OKAY if you don’t accomplish them on the first try.  Someone tweeted to me the other day, “marathons are like city buses, there’s always another around the corner“.  How very true (and good thing I’m a fighter, because next time I’m out for blood).

There’s not another marathon within driving distance until around April/May 2011.  There is one October 31st, but it’s full, and that would be way too soon.  It would be amazing if I could afford the Las Vegas Rock’N’Roll Marathon on December 5th, but that’s a far fetched dream for my wallet.

In closing:

“If you’ll not settle for anything less than your best, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish in your life.”


5 thoughts on “After the marathon, I lived and learned.

  1. Steena:

    I was running my 5th marathon that day. Last marathon I finished in 4:45, but this one I was serious about improving my time. I wanted to do somewhere around 4:15. I did brutal tempo runs with someone who coached me, steep hill repeats, and 1/2 mile speed intervals (up to 10 at a time) in 4 minutes. I was serious about going faster.

    I remember I had run 6 miles, suddenly felt like… why does this feel so hard? Finished in 5:01. I am glad I got there BUT IT WAS HARD. And you are amazing to have run in those heated conditions (87 degrees) and finish your first marathon. If my first was like that, I might have quit.

  2. I agree with DareToBecome… enjoy the fact that you are now marathoner! But at the same time I understand where you are coming from. I’m the same way…. I always expect and want to do better! Oh well, what to do? It would be awesome if you came to Vegas…..

  3. Congrats on your marathon! I started running and a blog in early January of my goal of running a marathon in one year. It’s pretty tough but i have to say I love the feeling of being strong and being able to run. I”m going to be doing my first 10k race in Dec, so I have a long time to go still. Seeing your pics just got me all jazzed up again about one day actually doing it! Great job! I still get mad at my 5k race times even though I’ve only run two of them, so I can see how you set a goal and then just wish you did it. Regardless, you rock! Stunning photos too!

  4. I had a dream….to run the Vegas Half this year. 😦 I was fully prepared to fork over the money for the entry fee…plus airfare and hotel. It sounded so cool! Then I got injured and my dreams were shattered. Oh well. I hope next year I can pay an inflated fee and run down the strip! 🙂

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