A month later

The Rails to Trails Marathon was November 7th.  Today is December 7th.  It’s official, I am now regretting the decision I made. 

Everyone kept telling me not to do it.  All signs pointed to no (except for the internet magic 8 ball).  My stubborn big-headed self HAD TO FINISH UNDER 5 HOURS (dammit).

Now, an official month later I will finally admit, it wasn’t worth it.

I knew and mostly accepted the fact that I wouldn’t be running for a month.  But as time went by I knew deep down that it would probably be longer before I was ready to run again.  It now hurts to spin, to use my Dance Central game, to walk.

So now what?  Right now I want to throw in the towel and give up.  That’s not really how I roll though.  I have an appointment with a Sports & Medicine doctor on Thursday.  I’m sure it’ll be the same drill, “Go home, rest, ice, stretch”.  What I plan to do is beg for the cortisone shot until tears are flowing dramatically down my face.  Also get a referral to a chiropractor.

@RunningBecause tweeted this link today: http://ht.ly/3lrcU about how a chiropractor is the way to go if the ITB problem persists for longer than two weeks.  That’s me.  An official month.  I need fixing, and/or Zoloft. 

And the final punch in the nuts from this stupidity injury is that I’m going to miss out on registering for my races at lower rates before they go up on January 1st.  It doesn’t make sense to drop $130 on two spring races if I don’t know if I can even run 5 miles by then.

So here’s your chance, taunt me, point your finger at me and say, “I told you so!”


11 thoughts on “A month later

  1. If you’re in Madison and can see one of the UW Sports Med docs you should let me know who…I know a few and can make recommendations. (based solely on my own experiences)

    • I am in Madison.. my insurance is excellent other than it covers the Dean clinics. I’m going to see how much I’d have to pay out of pocket to see the UW Health Sports people. I’m pretty desperate. I saw they have a great running analysis program.

  2. Chin up! You will get better and you will be running again soon. Be proud of what you accomplished and give your body what it needs right now, rest. Swimming is a great alternative!

  3. Proof that the human body is built like crap….
    Chiro and sports massage- I torm my infraspinatus 3 years ago (which was a BITCH) and this put me back together well. Along with ice, ibuprofen and a lot of crying into my soup.
    It was about 4-5 weeks until I felt relatively pain free but resting was not an option so take that into account.
    Good luck! Feel better! And don’t be do sad- nothing is more depressing than being in daily pain.

    • Oh I’ve been on the “resting is not an option” mode too, not running, but spinning, CC skiing, dance, yoga, walking, etc.
      And yep, I cried into my salad last night.
      Thanks for your encouragement.

  4. Oh man. I won’t say “I told you so” because I didn’t tell you not to run Rails to Trails, however, I MIGHT have. BUT, what’s done is done. You WILL heal. You will. May not be as soon as you want, but you’ll run again, don’t worry. One positive is you learned more about your body. You learned its limits. Not in that you SHOULDN’T run back-to-back marathons, but you learned what it can and cannot handle when you’ve got a pending injury. Next time you’ll be better prepared. You’ll know a little more. You’ll be a little wiser. We’ve all gotta make silly mistakes to get to where we’re going. Right now you’ve GOT to just let go and rest. You HAVE to. Wait until you see a doc. You certainly don’t want to make it any worse right now. I know it’s hard, and we’re all stubborn as hell, but that’s how you got here – remember? Stubborn. The NEED. The WANT. You HAD to break 5 hours RIGHT NOW. Take a deep breath. Remember that you’ll heal. You’ll come back stronger. We all have bumps in our running roads. Every last one of us. But we all end up exactly where we want to be with even bigger and better goals ahead of us.

  5. Love your honesty in this post- Hope no one said ” I told you so” 🙂 I can empathise( I’m no marathon runner but beginning my fitness journey) Over a year ago I trained did a 1/2 marathon walk,my stubborness and unwillingness to quit lead to a torn miniscus and torn MCL(a far cry from my plan of becoming a runner-walking with cane). I did physio like crazy, but found kickboxing and rowing as new passsions( altered versions at first)-I gradually built massive strength in my legs and just recently started running!! and I’ve been told that I may not need the surgery I was scheduled for! So hang in there and maybe there’s a new temp passion out there for you 🙂 sorry for long comment! http://tammysmirror.com/2010/06/regret-vs-appreciation/

  6. Sorry to hear you are having to deal with the injury. Have you tried a foam roller? I had a bout with ITBS in September. I used stretches similar to the ones you described and used the foam roller daily. Using the roller hurts a little, especially at first, but I believe it was instrumental in resolving my problem. It took about three weeks before I was running without pain. It probably could have been faster but I ran a 15k before it was completely healed. Not smart.

    Good luck.


  7. chica.. I KNOW where you are mentally.. but don’t beat yourself up. Seeing a sports medicine doctor and a chiropractor are all worth it. I’m doing that now.. between my ortho & chiro I’ll be back to good in no time.

    We all make mistakes.. hell remember my ortho told me to NOT run my half.. and I compromised?? I was out 3 mos after that and managed to come back and run decent races to end my season.. all is not lost warrior!!! 🙂 heal up and you’ll be ready to tackle them in the summer/fall

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