Dashing through the snow

Cross country skiing has been my savior in keeping me relatively sane lately. Did you know that it burns approximately 500 calories per hour (depending on intensity). That’s an amazing calorie burn! I’ll take it!

(And did I mention that I haven’t gained an ounce during my time off from running? Instead, I lost 2 lbs! )

On both Saturday and Sunday I was fortunate enough to spend the day cross country skiing with my awesome husband. Saturday we discovered some new trails that were absolutely magical. Magical I tell you! The sun was shining, marshmallow snow covered the woods, it was like a scene from Snow White, minus the bad apple. We brought an orange instead. It was delicious.

Winter (officially) begins on Tuesday!

Sunday we traveled a bit further out of the city so that we could bring the energetic puppy with too. This trail is so ah-may-za-zing that it requires a 1 mile hike uphill. In snow. How’s that for extra calorie burn?

It's all downhill from here

Dashing through the snow

All in all, this weekend has left me extremely happy since I was able to replace runner’s high with skier’s high. I honestly believe I require a daily dose of endorphins to keep happy and sane.

It's beginning to look a lot like winter

Have you ever tried cross country skiing?


4 thoughts on “Dashing through the snow

  1. Gorgeous photos!! 🙂
    Cross-country skiing looks awesome. I can’t say I’ve ever done it, but wow, what a workout! And what a great way to get outside and enjoy nature (and the family!) too 🙂

  2. I haven’t ever cross-country skied. We don’t get enough snow around here, and if we “go skiing” its for downhill and barely once a year. 😦

    But, I love reading about your adventures and seeing the great pics – love the pooch!

    Endorphins are great, no matter how you get them. And the fresh brisk air and sunshine helps too. 😀

  3. AHH! Your dog is so cute!
    And.. Looks like it was an amazing day for skiing.
    My Dad was a ski instructor (among other things) so I was strapped to a pair of XC skis before my 1st B-Day. Since the area around where I live has become rather populated (for the sticks of nowhere, that is) I gave it up years ago. Lots of fond memories though, as it was a great way to move quickly and see the world!

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