Finding my Happy Pace, defined.


Here’s my new blog!! I’m excited, yet apprehensive. I hesitated for a few minutes before upgrading with a domain name since I’m on week 8 of not running and have an irrational fear that I’ll never be able to run again. But you all keep telling me that I WILL run again, so I’m going to take your word on it (for now, another emotional freak-out is subject to occur).

The new blog title, Finding my Happy Pace, does not literally mean working on my pace. While, yes, my pace can use some improving, it’s not the focus. What Finding my Happy Pace means to me is to become a happier, healthier, and stronger runner.

No mileage goals, no time goals, no PR goals, just rediscovering the love and joy of running. Running is something that makes me exceptionally happy. Ending 2010 on injury has made me realize that no time goal is worth my not being able to run. The thought of not running a marathon this year has crossed my mind.  I salivate that the thought of running another, but if not running one gets me back on the track with happy running, then I won’t run one.

In 2010 I became a marathoner. In 2011, I will find my happy pace.


6 thoughts on “Finding my Happy Pace, defined.

  1. Of all the 2011 goals I’ve heard, yours is the best. Running a new distance, getting a PB and improving your fitness are all great goals, but I love that you are focusing on how running makes you happy and healthy! I think that’s why people start running, and then somehow that gets lost when we start racing and worrying about our splits, the most important aspect of running gets lost. You will run again, and focusing on how great it makes you feel will make 2011 your best year yet!! 🙂

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