The first eleven minutes of 2011

January 1, 2011

12:00 A.M. – Celebratory New Year’s Smooch

12:01 A.M. – RUN!!

Yep, my husband and I got a rum influenced idea to go for a one mile run at midnight. It just so happens we live next to a high school with a track. Four laps around makes a mile. We left the house at 11:45 PM and headed to the track, with the puppy of course!

About a block before we got to the track my husband asked with hesitation, “How do you feel?”

I knew he thought it might be a bad idea with my knee problem, and I can’t blame him. He’s had to deal with my emotional outbursts, so he knew that if this mile went wrong I would be brining in the new year on a sour note.

“I know this might irritate my knee. I know. But I can bring in the new year at a bar, at home, or on a track. Even if it goes wrong, just being on a track will feel so much better than at a bar or at home.”

jan 1 2 icc

Yeah, we didn't bother to get into running clothes, it was just one mile yo!

So we went for it.

Lap 1: “I’m RUNNNNNING….WEEEeeeEEEEeeeEEee!!!” It turns out I didn’t forget how to run!

Lap 2: “Boy, this track sure is muddy. Oh, hey there knee, how YOU doin?” There was a slight reminder of my injury, not pain per se, but just a ‘hey-don’t-go-wild-you-crazy-runner-girl’ reminder.

Lap 3: “There is rum and General Taos chicken bouncing around in mah belly! Oye, I feel like I could toss my cookies!”.

Lap 4: “One more lap, let’s do this!!!”

12:11 A.M. – Another celebratory smooth.

12:12 A.M. – Pose for the camera!!

jan1 icc

There it is, my HAPPY NEW YEAR. I started the first eleven minutes of 2011 on a track, where were you?


6 thoughts on “The first eleven minutes of 2011

  1. I LOVE this! Glad you didn’t loose your dinner too- that would have been a messy way to end the night.
    Thanks so much for the encouraging comments on my strange decision making skills- I really appriciate it and am going to need all the good luck I can get!

  2. Awww you guys are adorable. Wish I would have been that smart and been at the track rather than the bar – tee hee
    Happy New Year’s gf! I’m seriously contemplating Chicago 2011

  3. YAY!! Yippee! That’s an awesome way to ring in the new year!! I have a track next to my house too. I haven’t run on it since my injury. I’ve been sticking with the treadmill hoping it’s easier on my knee.

    My boyfriend has been listening to me rant, rave, cry, scream and be in a rotten mood about my knee too. He’s the best.

  4. What a great idea. I was hoping to run for a few hours on New Year’s Day, but the weather was pretty bad so I ran on the 2nd- 7+ miles. I feel good about it.

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