Spending money, kicking and splashing

They say money doesn’t buy happiness, but I’m going to tell you, that sometimes it does.

Yesterday I spent:

$66.00 for ONE month at a big box gym
$15.00 Nike Swim suit (in purple!!) the tag said $49.99, SCORE!!
$7.00 for a salad and a diet coke
$What ever a half a tank of gas costs, as I drove in circles on country roads trying to find this damn gym.

It’s crazy that I’m paying more than double what I did last time I belonged to a gym. The last gym I belonged to was a tiny express gym, which had 4 treadmills (can you imagine, FOUR treadmills?), 4 ellipticals, 2 bikes, a stair stepper, and a bunch of weight machines.

Yesterday I became a new member of a big box gym. The big box gym has 3 pools, along with all the other fancy stuff. Obviously I’m paying double for having all the fancy stuff available to me, but also because I didn’t sign the dreaded two year contract. If I signed a 2 year contract it would be $20.00 less a month. What’s my point? I think gyms are money suckers, but I’m in desperate need right now, and $66.00 a month is worth channeling my angst in a pool, and possibly a Turbo Kick class or two.

Anywayyyy…I hopped into the pool this morning! I have no idea what I’m doing, but I swam back and forth, I splashed around, I attempted a backstroke, a side stroke, waded in the deep end doing a running motion… basically, I didn’t drown.

I may need to drop a few more dollars on maybe getting a swim lesson or two just to learn proper form and breathing.

It would be nice to know this stuff incase there’s a triathlon in my future.

After my kicking and splashing around I thought I could benefit from a few moments in the hot tub, and oh, yes, I did. The hot tub is definitely going on my weekly agenda. The hot tub is pure ecstasy after a week of being sick and stressed out.

An expensive Saturday, but ultimately a happy one


6 thoughts on “Spending money, kicking and splashing

  1. Awesome! Think of it as an investment in your health, happiness, and sanity! If you actually go to the gym and use the pool, hot tub, etc. it will definitely be worth it!

  2. I spend $$ on a gym too, but for me I wouldn’t work out on my own otherwise, so I think of it as an investment in health. Your gym sounds really amazing though – 3 pools?!!

    • I was thinking the same thing…3 pools?? Your gym must be awesome.

      I have considered taking lessons also. I don’t have any form whatsoever. I do whatever it takes to get to the other end.

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