February GoodBadGood Ramblings and ThatPinkGirl

February, February, February…I just don’t know how I feel about you anymore February.

Good:   I swam a total of 21,400 yards (12 miles) in February.
Bad:   I broke our yearly Valentine’s tradition of Cross Country Skiing with my husband.
Good:   I finally got a full hour in on the Arc Trainer PAIN-FREE.  (This is pretty huge).
Bad:   I keep getting awful knots in my calves after a swim.
Good:   I had two full weeks of being 99% pain free.    By Friday February 25th I was feeling confident about this recovery ordeal.
Bad:   Two days later, (SEE, I jinxed it) I went for a 4 mile walk, where I did a lot of stepping down from tall snow banks.   I stepped down onto my left leg—the good one, or what used to be the good one.  Today it was achy, but ended up getting better as the day progressed.
Good:   The right knee (the bad one) is still fine, even after an hour on the Arc Trainer.

Today, as I dwell on my mildly achy left knee, I’m beginning to wonder if my body is just done with long distance running.   I mean, if my knees can’t handle stepping down from a snow bank, there’s no way they’re ever going to be good enough for long distance running again.  That’s not illogical thinking, is it?

Or maybe old age is hitting me.  I want to deny that I’m getting old, because I’m TWENTY-NINE, not fifty-nine.  Pain in the joints is an old person problem.  Oh, and I use anti-wrinkle cream.  Oh, and I started taking Osteo Bi-Flex pills.  This certainly can’t be illogical thinking either.

Though, there’s this girl who goes by @thatpinkgirl on Twitter.  She has my hopes flickering a wee bit.   She has gone through the same injury as I am, petellofemoral pain syndrome.   She was generous to Email me her story, where she describes a lot of the same experiences as I’m having with it.   While training for her first marathon she didn’t know the difference between long-run-soreness and OMG-that’s-severe-pain-I-should-stop.  One incident was that she actually collapsed during a run because her knee would not support her anymore.  That was her cue to see the doctor.

Like every other injured runner she was prescribed a strength training regimen by her physical therapist.   Today @thatpinkgirl is running healthy and strong.  She has 5 full marathons under her belt.   Yesterday she finished her first 50k ultra, CONGRATULATIONS!! And please, I beg you to go congratulate her at iamthatpinkgirl.blogspot.com

@thatpinkgirl’s success in overcoming the injury and moving onto bigger, better things is inspiring to me.  She’s a regular girl who loves to run, someone I can relate with.  She’s a girl whose footsteps I want to follow.



8 thoughts on “February GoodBadGood Ramblings and ThatPinkGirl

  1. Glad your “bad” knee isstill doing OK!

    I wonder if you are just more tuned in to things, so that you aren’t really sufferring more aches and pains than other people, you just notice more? I know my injuries have made me hypersensitive to any tweak or twinge. I think once you take that “test run” (ahem!) and pass it with flying colors, and are able to keep up with your tri training, you will be less worried. (I am NOT trying to say that you are being too cautious or overreacting, just that you are focusing on this so much maybe you are noticing more.)

    As for @thatpinkgirl – Wow! And LOL, only a runer would need to collapse before thinking that a doctor’s visit was in order!

  2. I believe that some of what you “feel” is mental. It’s very, very hard to come back from an injury mentally — I think the mental issues are way worse than the physical issues.

    • I’m pretty sure you’re right. The ache I was feeling was gone by noon. After work I went and played fetch with the dog for an hour. If I was still honestly hurting, I wouldn’t have played an hour. See, I need a Men In Black memory zapper.

  3. Getting old? Really? There are people who marathon into their 70’s and 80’s. You are just in a bad spot right now. You need the physical therapy and rest. You’ve been doing so much for awhile that your body is fight it. Give it time. You will get back together.

  4. Coming back is scaaaaary! But you are doing ALL the right things. When it’s time, you’ll know it. And that first step you’ll be CONVINCED that you’ll hurt – but guess what? You won’t! Because you have given your body the time it needs, you’ve put the work into getting strong and you’ll be sure to NOT push it.
    There is so much to learn about yourself when you are injured. These are lessons you won’t ever forget.

    I can’t wait to see your progress!!!

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