Guest Blogged – 8 Mistakes (and a bonus rant!)

Have you ever visited Lisa at ?   She found me somewhere along the way, and I’ve become a fan of her blog, have gotten to know her, and think the world of her.   She was looking for guest bloggers a while back, and I wrote one that I liked so much I wanted to take back and put up here!   I didn’t though, it’s up on her blog today, and hope that you all go and read it, learn from my 8 mistakes, and say hi to Lisa!


I also have somewhat of a rant related to one of the 8 mistakes, but you HAVE to read the guest post first. Or my rant just makes me sound like an angry person.

Injured runner says: “omg, I can’t run for X amount of weeks, what am I going to do?”
I say: “Get in the pool”
Injured runner says: “I can’t swim”.

I said the same thing in November. I didn’t know how to properly swim when I started my adventures in the pool in January, 2011.  TWO-THOUSAND-ELEVEN.  Just three months ago.

Chances are, if you’re reading this blog, you have the internet.   The internet has countless resources for everything. EVERYTHING.  After a few times in the pool, I used the magic of the internet to learn about swimming.   I watched YouTube videos, I read informational sites, I read blogs, I bought a book to hold in my hands, and I got into the damn pool and attempted to put together all of the things that I learned from those swimming resources.

Am I as good as Michael Phelps?  No.   But I can swim laps for an hour without drowning and feel darn good about it.   If you follow my blog, you know that I now take lessons, but I swam on my own for two months before I started lessons.  To be honest, I didn’t need the lessons.   My instructor sort of doesn’t know what to do with me because there isn’t very much to fix.   I don’t swim perfectly, I probably have some faults with my form, I sometimes struggle with breathing, but I am in that pool TRYING.

It’s not that you can’t swim, it’s that you plain just don’t want to.

/End rant.

Go swim.


6 thoughts on “Guest Blogged – 8 Mistakes (and a bonus rant!)

  1. I am “out on injury” now 🙂 and i know the pool and I are going to be BFFs 🙂 Plus, I am a morning worker-outer and the pool is just me…. it will hopefully give me the peace that running did 🙂 Great post and I didn’t think you were ranty 😀

  2. I don’t think you give yourself enough credit for how well you have adapted to your “situation” and jumped into swimming. I just don’t *like* swimming so I would have to rule out a lot of options before I joined a gym and started swimming laps, but I will never say never–in part becaue of the excellent example that you have set.

  3. I’m so glad you shared your story with my readers. I think us runners are by default pretty stubborn and don’t want to “take it easy.” I’ve made a lot of the same mistakes.

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