My itty bitty trail run

I went on my first real-ish trail run on Saturday.   If you want to imagine with me that four miles is enough to qualify for a trail run, then yep, a trail run it was!

The morning started with my Saturday morning long swim, 2500 yards.   From there I drove a half an hour to a trail.   I can already predict how impatient I’m going to get with having to drive somewhere to run.   Random fact about me, I really, really dislike driving.  I hate driving.  There are too many dumb-dumbs on the road and too many stoplights.   Why can’t I be the only person with somewhere to go?

Anyhow, I get to the trail, the sun is shining, it’s 30 degrees, I’m eager to go.  To start, I kept my ipod volume down so that I could be alert for any vicious, hungry animals.   The animals spared me this time, but if I ever appear to be missing, know that I’ve been eaten by a wild turkey.  And think of me on Thanksgiving.

After the first mile I’m feeling comfortable, no birds, no animals, no pain, just me and Carrie Underwood in the woods. I run, I stumble a few times on hard mud, I hop over roots, I turn down this way, I cross a road, I go up a small hill, down a small hill, oh, what’s that sensation in my knee? Stop, stretch, okay, good to go. Run, run, crank the volume for Cascada, get to a good turning around point, turn around, go up a hill, down a hill, cross a road, run, run, oh wait, this doesn’t look familiar, I don’t remember running on a sheet of ice, where am I? Oh shoot, I’m lost. Omg, I’m lost. I’m in the woods, a bear is going to eat me. Turn around, run, ahhhh, I like Dave Mathews, this is a good, song, OH! there’s my turn, back on track, headed back to my car, run, run, it’s so nice out, look at my iphone, 35 minutes, damn, I should probably call it quits in 5 minutes, I don’t wanna, I wanna keep going, run, run, 37 minutes, nooooo, freeze the time, I’m enjoying myself too much, run, hop over a root, Oooh, a cardinal, run, 40 minutes, dammit!! Fine, stop. Go back to the car.

I’m getting impatient with having to take it slow and keep the mileage down.  I’ve always been an impatient person.  But I am very grateful to be kind of running again now that it’s spring time, even if it’s a mile or two at a time.  Even if I have to inconveniently drive myself somewhere to run.  Even if I have to run monotonous circles around the high school dirt track during the weekdays.  Inconvenient running is better than no running.

Taken around mile 3, can you see why I wouldn't want to stop?


13 thoughts on “My itty bitty trail run

  1. Nice job avoiding the hungry, vicious animals! Despite all the fallen brush I’m jealous of your trail. “trail” around here means uncleared path of rocks, roots and stumps straight uphill. Yikes.
    Hope that your knee continues to cooperate!

  2. Wow… So inviting. I know why you wanted to keep going. Hmmm…. I thought I saw a toe-eating squirrel hiding under the branches on the left. Better be careful 😉

  3. That’s fantastic news!! How do you feel the day after? Any pain?

    I had intentions of starting to trail run last summer–before I got injured. It sounds like so much fun to me!

    • The day after wasn’t good, I did my best to ignore it, but it was acting up during my short hike. I think it’s going to be like this for a long time yet, but I refuse to just sit any more!

  4. Loved your play-by-play! I run on pavement. I think a dirt trail would be awesome – minus the wild turkeys, psycho squirells and angry birds!

  5. when i’m on a trail, i have an intense fear of coming face-to-face with a wild cat, but i know my body is thanking me for it and i know yours will too! what a fun experience and great recap!

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