Lookin’ on the bright side

the bright sideWhen I turned in my time-off requests for the year, May 6th was on the list as a precautionary extra day in case the weather didn’t cooperate for my planned 20 mile training run that I was supposed to be doing for the Madison Marathon.  Those plans got squashed.   Oh well.

I considered just going to work and saving that vacation day for something else, but then I realized that it was Mother’s Day weekend.  That’s a good enough reason as any to take a three day weekend and visit my mom!  And while I’m at it, why not throw in a duathlon?

My precautionary extra weather day plan has so far backfired.  Rain showers.  Blah.  Dammit.  *stomps feet on the ground*.  Whatever, it all happens for a reason, right?

Case in point, at the gym on Tuesday night my goggles snapped after only 10 laps.  DAMMIT.  As I pulled myself out of the pool I surprised myself by thinking, “At least that wasn’t during my triathlon”.  Me?  Look on the bright side?  Strange stuff.  But I left the gym and stopped at Dick’s Sporting goods and picked up two pairs of goggles and a bike helmet.  If those goggles didn’t snap, I would have never thought to have a spare set.  Thank you crappy Nike products, for this learning experience.

And now I have a cool aqua green bike helmet to match my bike.  It’s all about accessorizing.  Or training.  Or looking at the bright side of things.


5 thoughts on “Lookin’ on the bright side

  1. Wait, what does the rain have to do with anything? Aren’t you the one who says it’s no big deal to run in the rain??

    Glad you finally got your helmet. Can we get a pic of you in your wetsuit, helmet AND goggles? That would be #winning. 🙂

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