From injured to bad-ass Duathlon recap

Get this, just in March I restarted running.  Like restarted from scratch, one little mile at a time.  Last weekend I ran my favorite 8k race and PR’ed by 5 minutes.  Then I participated in my first ever duathlon.  If you get one thing from this post, let it be this:  do not ever give up, work your ass off, and good things will happen.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, duathlon recap:

This was a small race, there was 96 participants.  I normally favor a big, overcrowded race, but I can definitely appreciate a small race.  The best part of a small race is actually being able to properly hydrate myself and not have to wait 20 minutes in line for a porta-potty.  In fact, I didn’t have to wait at all, I walked right up to it and did my business.

This was also the first time I started close to the starting line.  Back in the day I would position myself further back.  When the gun goes off, it’s really neat to actually start running when the gun goes off, rather than thirty minutes later like you would in a big race.

The first 5k run was fantastic.  The highlight for me was during the last mile of it, I was in a tight pack of six runners.  For whatever reason, the two men who were leading the pack separated and made an open space, I took this as an opportunity leave this pack of runners in my dust.  When I took off I heard the girl who I was running next to say, “Hey, good job girl!”, it made me smile and run faster to pass another guy a few feet ahead.  He also gave me a “good job”.  I finished the first 5k in 24:30 (oh hey, 5k PR WOOOOO!!!).

The 28k bike ride was not so fantastic.  The lactic acid was sizzling in my thighs for the first six-ish miles.
Do you remember this lady:

????????????  As I was passed for the millionth time I heard in my head, “You are the weakest link, GOODBYE!!”.  It didn’t leave me feeling discouraged, I kept pedaling away and enjoying the scenery.
Things I saw:  a blue heron, two dead deer, a llama, a baby llama, a farmer, and lots of long, gradual hills.  Oh those hills were evil.  I finally saw a “1 mile to go” sign and unzipped my hoodie and unclamped my helmet to save time in the transition.  Bike time was 1:09:11.

The last 3k run was decent.  My legs didn’t feel like sandbags or jelly like other people describe, they were just kind of numb.  I felt slow and tried to confirm my slow feeling with my Garmin but it read that I was pulling an 8 minute mile.  I finally started catching up with people who had finished their bike ride well before me and it gave me the boost I needed.  I started passing a few people, feeling less numb and just wanting to finish already.  When I heard AC/DC music blasting from near the finish I just bolted.  Finished the second run in 14:36.

My finish time of the entire race including transitions is 1:50:02.
I finished #6 in my age group.  I was doing a happy dance until I realized it was only out of 9– HAHA!

All in all, I’m happy I did this.  Even as I was dragging ass on the bike portion, I thought, “I would have never thought of doing this if I hadn’t been injured”.  The injury sucked big time, but it also got me out of the running comfort zone I was in.  I feel more adventurous and bad-ass coming from that injury.

This is the point of the post where most normal bloggers share photos, my mom took accidental video clips thinking she was taking photos.  My husband and I compiled the clips into one video for your entertainment.  We nearly pissed our pants laughing at my mom’s commentary and grunting.  If you can’t tell, she was getting impatient with my slow biking.  Other than that, I’m the girl in a long sleeve coral top, there’s a clip or two of me running.  Enjoy, and don’t be afraid to point and laugh, I am here for your entertainment.


9 thoughts on “From injured to bad-ass Duathlon recap

  1. You are so badass! You ROCK! Love the mom-camera-fail (and her impatience, LOL), but hey, she was THERE for your first dual! Love the midwest accents too – oh my gosh!

  2. You are a a force and congrats to you for trying new things and embracing the multisport lifestyle!!!
    I always run faster coming off the bike b/c the legs are used to being in that high cadence from pedaling…I actually slow as the run progresses and fight to keep my turnover high…one of the things I practice during bricks actually.
    And hey, it was your 1st du…now you have a PR and a goal for the next!
    Enjoy your day of R&R!!

  3. Congrats on your first duathlon! You did awesome! I love the video – my mom did the same thing with my camera for an adventure race…oh, moms!

    Way to dominate…your runs are awesome, and hills suck on a bike regardless of how much training you may or may not have on them! 🙂

  4. You freakin’ rock! You’re right….never give up! I can so appreciate that lactic acid burn. I get it every bike ride. And I always feel slow running after the bike, even though my Garmin says otherwise. Congrats on your first duo!

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