#WatchlessMonday: I tried it, I liked it

A few weeks ago when #WatchlessMonday first made its appearance I was like, “Noooooo, ugggghhh…I don’t want to map my run!!  Booooo”.  But I like to do things that the cool kids are, so I did it anyway.  I bellyached about it, but darn it, I gave it a try.

My first #WatchlessMonday run that I did was on a Tuesday morning at 4:45 AM in the dark.  The only thing I didn’t like about it was not being able to run until my Garmin read that I’ve gone three miles.  I know, mapping it ahead of time is the obvious solution to that.  The second #WatchlessMonday run was unplanned and on a Wednesday.  My Garmin battery went kaput one minute into the run.  I zigzagged around my neighborhood hoping that I would get in at least three miles.  Again, my only gripe was not knowing what my mileage was during the run.

My third #WatchlessMonday run happened on an actual Monday and the light finally turned on in my head.  Watchless Monday is a great idea for these reasons:

Monday is usually a recovery run anyway.  There’s no point in caring about the pace, or how many miles are ran.  Instead, maybe the recovery run should be done by feel.  You know, listening to the body, and all that good stuff?

frisbee dexterA watchless run gave me the opportunity to bring my annoying dog who also needs exercise.  Normally my dog is too jerky, too slow, too sniffy, and too distracted to bring on a run.  But with a watchless run, it didn’t kill me to have to slow down for my dog’s need to sniff every tree.

It made me open my mind a wee little bit more.  From the start of #WatchlessMonday I resisted (*note, not refused!).  After giving it a couple tries I’ll admit it’s a good idea.

So what’s stopping you from at least trying #watchlessmonday?  Got excuses? Read this post by David at RunningBecauseican.com(Be sure to note my argumentive comments I left him too).  Still have excuses?  Reply here, I love to argue.


5 thoughts on “#WatchlessMonday: I tried it, I liked it

  1. Great. You run, bike, swim AND have an open mind?! I’m not sure I can stand it.

    I think #watchlessmonday is a great idea. I *need* some watchless Mondays in my life. But, for now, with my first half in a decade only a few weeks away and me only running 3 days a week, I do have specific goals for my runs and my Garmin helps me meet those.

    That said, I came pretty close yesterday. First, Monday is not a “running” day for me, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to run in NYC. Second, while I used RunKeeper to measure my run so I wouldn’t go too far, I didn’t really care exactly how far I ran, or how fast. In fact, the “current split pace” readings that the RunKeeper Lady says are so far off of the mile split paces, I don’t pay any attention to them. So, it was a baby step in the right direction.

    • Those are the same things I was saying, I don’t really care about my pace, blah blah blah. I’ll excuse you THIS time, because you were like in a different state, but once your home missy!! :p

  2. I’ve been thin,ing about this, too! But Monday I was still upset about the hills in my last race that I wanted to get out there Monday morning and speed up. But when I was running, I realized that I missed something. I’ve been running for a distance since I started my truing and not… Just run until it’s time (i.e., 30 minutes, 40 minutes, etc). So I put my watch in my pocket and just ran for 40 mintues. It felt good and I didn’t worry about how well I was doing.

    I was back out again and enjoying what I liked most about running. Just running and not worrying about all the techno stuff. So looking at that, I’m going to start doing a watchless monday to rediscover that part of running that I’vebmissed the last month or so… besides, I can play with my nifty watch on Wednesdays!

  3. I do really enjoy my watchless runs…I’ve been doing them intentionally or otherwise since I started running. Sure, my Garmin is super awesome and full of information but at some point I need to get away from the numbers! The numbers stress me out…and I want to enjoy running, not stress about it (at least, not all the time!).

  4. i did this during my 5k…granted, i knew exactly how long it would be when i finished so it wasn’t that frustrating…but i didn’t know how much time was left or how far i’d gone. i enjoyed it so much more because i’ve actually noticed i run SLOWER when i constantly know my pace and distance. and that’s just discouraging.

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