Beer, blood and pie – sprint triathlon recap

Here’s a multiple choice question for you:  In the below picture, where did the blood come from?


A)  A panicked swimmer behind Steena grabbed onto her leg and dug her nails into her skin until it bled

B)  Steena took a spill from the bike after one of the ten thousand hills there were on the bike course

C)  It was too much, Steena collapsed during the run portion

D)  None of the above









If you guessed A through C you’re going to be disappointed.  Nothing out of the ordinary happened.  It all went very smoothly.  The blood is from a cut I gave myself on Saturday night while shaving my legs.  I should just switch to Nair.


The swim was mostly great, though I never stuck my head in the water properly.  There was so much adrenaline and excitement that my breathing was out of whack and it was easier to just keep my head above water.  I passed a few swimmers, so I don’t think my head out of water slowed me down too much.  A girl elbowed my side as I was passing her, I think it shocked her more than me.  There was lots of bumping body parts and near groping each other.  Thank god for not getting kicked in the face.

The first transition went okay, I had my wetsuit halfway off by the time I got there.  I didn’t feel frenzied, it was just a smooth transition.

The bike sucked.  Again.  You would think that I would have learned my lesson in the duathlons to train for the bike portion.  Nope.  The sprint bike portion had to be cut down to 10.5 miles because of USAT safety rules and the best turn around point was at 5.25 miles.  When I heard the bike portion would be shorter I was relieved, but shit, it felt like 100 miles.  The entire bike course was up, down, up, down, up, down, up a hill.  A long hill, a steep hill, another steep hill, omg are you kidding me another steep hill?  I wished I would have worn my Garmin to see the elevation climbs, because this was the hilliest bike course I’ve ever rode on.  Here’s how I know I’m not exaggerating:  people got off of their bike to walk it up the steep hills.  Knowing that I haven’t trained on my bike, I just enjoyed the landscapes and kept pedaling.

Transition two was mostly smooth, I was fatigued and struggled to put my bike on the bar.  I took a swig of Gatorade that went down the wrong pipe and I choked a little.

The run was on trails.  A smart triathlete would have read about the course prior to the race and maybe, um, TRAINED on some trails.  I did a couple of trail runs in March, and one last Thursday.  Not enough trail training for a race.  My calves were pissed after the hills from hell bike ride, and I felt slow running.  My bladder was full, I should have peed in the lake, oh the excitement.  It finally occurred to me at mile 2 of the run that maybe I should take a HammerGel.

And then I finished.  My husband was waiting for me with a Humble Pie, which he threatened to throw in my face if I didn’t finish with a smile.  I smiled.




32 thoughts on “Beer, blood and pie – sprint triathlon recap

  1. And I was hoping that (D) would be a more exciting reason (birds? bears?)!
    It sounds like you did GREAT. Your reaction to the hills reminds me of how I felt at Zooma last weekend.
    The pictures are awesome.
    How was the pie?

  2. Congrats Steena, I know you trained hard for it despite what you might say, not to mention the injury. I’m trying to come up with funny smart-ass thing to say, but I got nothing but congrats for you.

  3. Nice job, Steena! Congratulations! So, how do you feel about it? (Looks like a pretty big smile in the picture from the finish). Do you think you’ll do another one some day?

  4. Yippee…congrats! Well done girlie!! Love the photos… so the chic in front of you has the fear of GOD look on her face exiting the water…Guess she knew you were comin’ to get her!! 🙂 Awesome job !!! 🙂

  5. Great job! Sounds like you had a fun time – even if you hated the bike leg! I must say, I am always surprised at how many people hate the bike – that’s my favorite part! …mainly because I suck at swimming and really don’t like running that much…well, and I think cycling is AWESOME!

    You got me with the multiple choice question…I thought for sure someone grabbed you during the swim!

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