Wordless Wednesday – Foods earned by mileage

I have a weird scale of miles I need to reach before I treat myself to certain foods, and there’s no better day than Wordless Wednesday to  show you mouthwatering photos of those pedestal foods.

10 miles – Cheeseburger and French fries.

12 miles – Icecream.  Full fat, none of that frozen yogurt business.  Usually with Oreos.
(And actually, who am I kidding, I treated myself to this after 10 miles last weekend).

13 miles – Margarita on the rocks, with salt.  And nachos with salsa.  Margaritas also apply after a good race.WWmarg

15 miles – Cheesecake.

18 miles and on – Pretty much anything edible.

There’s nothing scientific to my scale, so don’t go by it, gain weight, and try to sue me.  Oh, are you hungry now?


16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Foods earned by mileage

  1. Frig…I am starving now. I am all over a really good burger after a long run…and anything beyond 10 miles is my “If I really want it..I am eating it” go to zone.

  2. I had 2 scoops of strawberry on a waffle cone Monday after 11.1…dang it, I knew I should have gone for 12! Just finished 8. Does that get me an m&m? Love this post!

  3. I’m pretty sure we were separated at birth. I have a tradition of “long run lattes.” Full fat and lots of whipped cream, none of this “nonfat skim” bs.

  4. Do you count them in one day or in a week? Like if I run 15 miles in a week and I generally eat pretty healthy during the week can I have cheesecake at the end? 🙂
    I tend to get through my runs (and track practices) thinking about food the whole time. I followed my friend Suze on a hill workout and the whole time I kept repeating Chick-fil-a. Eat more chicken. I think she wanted to kill me but when we massacred those hills we got ourselves some chick-fil-a and it was amazing. 🙂

  5. I love your scale, so well thought out! After my long run, I allow for a Coke (sweet, sweet rocket fuel) and something greasy. Of course, I’m also experimenting with pizza and other crap ON my long runs, so that’s nice too!
    Your photos are making me hungry! Chip & salsa, yes please!!!

  6. Great, now I’m hungry. But . . . it’s an excellent plan! I need to develop a similar chart. So far all I’ve got is “races longer than a 10k warrant brunch at an Irish pub.” Typically involving Guinness, cider, potatoes, cheese, and eggs.

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