Spit it out

dextrwaterSometimes, all you have to do is spit it out, be blunt, pour your heart out, etc.  I did that last week in this post, and was very surprised with the aftermath.  On Friday I took my dog Dexter to the doggie beach.  He’s not a good swimmer, he just wades at the shoreline.  He watches the other dogs take a flying leap off of the dock and chase after tennis balls that their owners throw.

I noticed a girl on the dock was wearing “ironman” shoes.  I’ve seen these shoes at the shoe store before, I’m not entirely sure how they’re triathlon specific, but one can assume a girl wearing Ironman shoes might do triathlons.  Whoa, a girl my age, at the doggie beach, who does triathlons?  I started a conversation with her.  It was short and sweet, a big step for this shy girl, but I’m pleased with myself for starting a conversation with a stranger.  It’s the little things.

On Saturday morning my alarm rudely woke me up at 4:00 AM for an eleven mile training run.  I was out the door by 4:45 AM, the air was already thick and moist from high humidity.  There was moisture on car windows.  From the start I knew it was going to be tough.  But that’s okay, I’m tough.

My pace was erratic, it ranged from 11 minute miles to 9 minute miles, depending on if wind was hitting me to cool me down a bit.  These ugly little bugs kept flying into my mouth, my eyes, onto my forehead and sticking because of the sweat.  There was two bird dive-bombs, a goose that chased me onto the road, and one majestic blue heron.  I changed my planned route so that I could hit a porta potty, which caused me to head towards a hilly neighborhood for the last two miles.  Brilliant.  The whole thing felt like ass, and I kept chugging along because I want this so bad.

When it was finally over, (yes, it was a run that I couldn’t wait to be over, and this is the first run all year that I’ve felt that, so how’s that for a grateful runner?) I showered, stretched, drank a Chobani smoothie, and logged my run onto DailyMile.  Oh DailyMile, I love it, I hate it.  This day I loved it, because I got a “real live friend request”.  A local girl who is training for her first half marathon read my lonely post.  We’re going to meet up for a run!

*Sqee* *Cartwheels* *Magic tricks* *Yay*

After my mini happy dance I decided to bike to the  farmer’s market to surround myself by more people.  During the bike ride, I saw a runner come around a corner and into the direct sun.  She groaned, “SHIT!!”

I couldn’t help but laugh.  Like I said, sometimes you just have to spit it out.


6 thoughts on “Spit it out

  1. Our road tends to be hard and lonley one my friend. Good job putting yourself out there. It’s not easy..it’s damn tough as a matter a fact, but hey…like you said, your tough! Enjoy your new running buddy!

  2. I found myself cursing through the first mile yesterday. I just finally huffed a louder than I wanted “fuck” and I swear it was better after that!

    shrek always says better out than in….maybe that applies to curses as well as farts! #justsayin

  3. Hah! It reminds me of the uphill finish at Zooma. As I as waiting for my friend I heard lots of colorful language as people realized there was one more hill to climb! I think I mutterred something along the lines of “you’ve got to be effing kidding me!.” The course info for tomorrow has a “fair warning” notice about one of the hills. I’ll brush up on my “French” for the occaision.

  4. My favorite line from this post,”that’s okay, I’m tough.” Good for you knowing exactly what you are made of! And good for you stepping out of your comfort zone picking up chicks, er friends, at the beach. ;0)

  5. You woke up at 4 am on a Saturday?!? Impressive! And glad you are meeting more real life athletes! I always thought I prefer to run alone, but lately I’ve realized that it’s a lot more fun to run with friends.

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