Whoa, blog, what?

Summertime__Beach_Umbrella_Sun_Clipart-1Being out of my routine left me without much to blog about, which perplexes me because I went on day trips everyday during my vacation and did fun things.  I kayaked, I rode rollercoasters, I saw Florence and the Machine, I went to the Mustard Museum, I spent entire days at several beaches, visited Lake Michigan, tried three new-to-me restaurants in Madison, and still managed to run 24 miles this week!  Go ahead, call me SuperWoman, I won’t deny it!

About those 24 miles…It was  my highest mileage week of the year, and it was my least stressful week of the year.  I felt like a well oiled machine, my happy pace came to visit.

With how great my training has been going, I couldn’t help but go down memory lane thinking about my Chicago Marathon training at this very time last year.  Last year I was absolutely reckless.  I dug deep– by deep I mean I clicked a few times on my training history on DailyMile and found that my long run on this same weekend last year was a 15 mile run.  I’m following the same plan that I did last year, except that this year I’m actually FOLLOWING the plan and ran 12 miles.  Where the hell did I come up with 15 last year?  What the hell was I thinking?  No wonder I didn’t want to do anything after the long runs last year.

After my splendid 12 mile training run on Saturday I rode my bike downtown to the farmer’s market.  I went to Art Fair on the Square.  I got inspired.  I walked up and down State Street.  I was able to go out and enjoy life after my training run.  Last year, I just wanted to go home and sit (see, look, there’s proof, I blogged about it last year).

42-17673451This week I’m looking at a recovery week, and it’s a huge step for me to say that I trust and respect the recovery week this time around.  In fact, I’ll go one step further and say that not only do I respect the recovery week, but my body too.  I won’t be crapping out random numbers out of my ass for training runs any time soon.  This my friends, is what I call training smart.


11 thoughts on “Whoa, blog, what?

  1. I think a lot of people go thru the same mistakes before they realize they need to trust a training plan, respect their recovery weeks, and listen to their body. Glad all is going well for you. Keep it up!

  2. Yay! It’s great to see an A+ student having so much fun while following a plan. And still be able to put it into all your vacation activities… Nice.

    I definitely agree… Trust the plan, the need for recovery, and have a GREAT time in life!!!

  3. Y U NO listen to Hal last year? Hal knows EVERYTHING!
    Yeah, I’ve done the same thing. Well, if 22 felt good, then maybe 24 would be even better! Nooooo, follow the program girl! And step back weeks are a great way to give your body some much deserved recovery time. You’re asking a lot of your legs these days!
    Glad you enjoyed your vacation too – sand and all!

  4. I’d say you have come away from the injury havng learned a bit about yourself and your body. True discipline is being to follow the plan when you know you can do more or to go slow when you feel you could go so much faster….going rogue is the easy way, but it’s a bitter pill to swallow when it all goes to shit…as we both know! Glad it’s coming together for ya!

  5. There’s a museum…for mustard?
    Oh holey hell – my husband is a mustard fiend. Finding this out will make his day…if I tell him. Tell him – go see mustard museum, don’t tell him – don’t go see mustard museum. Really, how do you decide between morose curiousity and utter non-mustard-loving-ness?

  6. I found your blog via FP (congrats, btw!) and have to say, I absolutely LOVE it! I’m in the middle of training for my very first marathon, also Chicago baby!, and reading your posts on training have definitely been inspiring. Plus you’re funny! Anyway, keep it up girl, I can’t wait to read what you post next 🙂

    Angie at eatlovecure.wordpress.com

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