Argumentative Swimming

Last night after our gym workouts, my husband and I got into the car.  Like a good husband he asked me “How was your swim?”  And then, well…we had a fun argument.

“My swim was good, but I was annoyed by the girl in the lane next to me who pushed off the wall and glided halfway down the pool.  I was not impressed.  You know, she’s just cheating herself”

“No she’s not”

“Yes she is”

“If you’re both swimming for the same amount of time you’re both using the same amount of energy.  It takes energy to push off of the wall”

“But she’s not building endurance that way.  She’s only swimming half the pool length.  She’s cheating herself I tell you.  There’s no wall to push off in the lake.  I’d kick her ass in a triathlon”

flailing-swimmer-300x220“Unless she’s better on the bike than you”


Who’s right?


10 thoughts on “Argumentative Swimming

  1. He’s right. She could kick your ass on the bike. 🙂
    I will ponder the physics of this as I drive in to work and get back to you . . . .

  2. I dunno..I do flip turns and I push off the wall…but I can’t make it 1/2 way down the pool on 1 push..damn she’s good. I usually pull just before the flags and I’m kicking as soon as my feet leave the wall. If you want a sense of your open water time while in the pool, normally they tell you to add 10% to your workload to account for all of the factors that come w/ being in a pool, the wall being 1 of them. This is what I do, but I still swim faster in the open water, just like I run a road race faster (not fast enough!!). Just swim…do your thing…whatever makes you happy. There will always be people faster and always be people slower. I don’t know that pushing off the wall is going to really factor in all that much…..NOW, actually putting your head IN the water on race day…you might BE really surprised 🙂

  3. Well she may not end up being a better swimmer – but if they ever add weightlifting to the triathlon then she going to be your daddy.

    But yes your husband is right she is using the same amount of energy – and to be able to push off so far I reckon her leg strength is going to mean she kicks your ass on the bike 🙂

  4. Ha. That conversation could easily be between my husband and I, minus the swimming part since I can’t swim worth crap – he is a smart ass.

    I think it is pretty awesome that she can push off the wall that well…but then I know nothing about swimming, I’d drown!

  5. Well… Some swim coaches recommend hypoxic training – swimming longer distances without breathing. It helps train your lungs to be more efficient. Who knows if that’s actually what this girl was doing, though. Maybe she’s training for a tri with a pool swim…

  6. I’ve often wondered the same thing about people that swim laps in flippers and hand paddles. Yeah, it makes swimming easier & you can get more laps in during the same amount of time…but does it really help endurance? What happens when you get back in the water without them and you’re a slow poke again?

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