A cheeky August

Despite July being the most hot, humid and miserable month this year, it turned out to be a fantastic training month for me.  I profusely sweated through 104 miles of running.  I sloshed through 6.5 miles of swimming.  And the bike… well, I pedaled a measly 47 miles, which is impressive if you consider I only rode three times? No? Whatever, bite me.

My favorite part of July was collapsing on the 299th mile of running this year.  Even though I felt like death, I got up and hammered it out to my 300th mile.  This is the kind of fighter attitude I’m going to need to pull me through August.  I’m looking at some intense next few weeks of scary-high mileage.  On the bright side, there are just four more long runs to survive.  Just four, so close I can almost taste the carb-loading.

To shake off my fears of the next few weeks, I’m going to have some fun this coming Saturday the 6th, which is National Mustard Day by the way.  I’m going to swim through some brown mustard colored water in a sprint triathlon. Afterwards we will all slurp mustard margaritas– hold the mustard, add some lime!

braces-on-smiley-face (1)With my nagging fear of re-injury a tiny part of me wants to plow through August as quickly as possible.  But August is looking to be a fun filled month with plans every weekend, why rush that?  Instead, I’m going to use all that fun to my advantage by filling my soul with so much laughter that my braces scrape the insides of my cheeks raw.  It really happens, and that’s how I know I’ve had a great weekend, if my cheeks hurt on Monday morning.

Cheers to hurting cheeks every Monday in August!


6 thoughts on “A cheeky August

  1. Congrats on making it through the hottest month of the year! I’m hoping it gets cooler, and therefore easier from here on out, but it sounds like you’re doing great.

  2. Well Done!! Enjoy the race this weekend…put that prett face in that nast water and swim like the fish you are!!! Thos long runs are what MAKE this possible…embrace them, try not dread them….remember they’re suppose to be a smidge slower…helps the love grow too!! Good Luck!

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