Smooth things: Peanut butter and a 17 mile run

You learn something new every time you set out for a long run.  Friday morning I learned to always check my peanut butter supply ahead of time.

I knew I had some peanut butter left, I could visualize how full it was the last time I saw the jar.  Well where does peanut butter just disappear to?  Did the peanut butter fairy come?  Did ten thousand ants carry it off to the anthill?  Did the dog grow opposable thumbs and open the jar himself?

These questions will never be answered, my best guess is that the peanut butter evaporated into the excess heat.  Evaporating peanut butter, I wonder if that could cause it to rain peanut butter?

After a mini peanut butter-less panic attack, I collected myself and started a 17 mile adventure.  I like to call the long run an adventure, it makes it seem less daunting.  Adventure usually means fun too.  My adventure turned out to be pretty uneventful though.  It all went too smoothly, and I won’t complain about that.

Early on in the run I wanted to be annoyed at myself for the slower splits, in the tens.  But I reminded myself that I was out on an adventure, I took a vacation day to do this, the weather was perfect, and I had a great playlist loaded with feel-good music (thank you Sia and Sara Bareilles).  I also told myself that going slow and finishing the run strong will feel heaps better than going fast and breaking down at mile 10 again.  So slow I stayed.

Patience rewarded me with my first ever long run negative splits.  Then, to give myself an extra pat on the back, I looked at my training log on DailyMile from this weekend last year.  This weekend last year I did 18 miles at a 11:36 pace.  Today I hammered out 17 miles at a 10 minute mile pace.  To see minute per mile improvements on the long run is fascinating to me.  It really makes me feel like I did something, other than run a lot of miles.

This entire summer of training has been fascinating to me.  I’m to that point in training that I wasn’t sure I’d get to.

I made it.

and I FEEEEEL GOOD! (dunna dunna duh, a la James Brown).


9 thoughts on “Smooth things: Peanut butter and a 17 mile run

  1. That’s an awesome run! You call long runs Adventures, I call them war of attritions. I actually visualize fictitious runners around me going down like flies and me being the only one who survives the long run (I’m just weird that way). I find that sometimes it just best to ignore my time on the long runs, after all the purpose is just to build endurance and get used to the pounding of many miles on your feet.

    Again, awesome job!
    PS…how’s your PB supply?

  2. That’s quite an improvement over the course of a year! I’m still struggling with speed…but admittedly I don’t push myself enough during runs. Happy to hear your 17miler went well. And I love that you called it an adventure – I just might start doing that myself…because calling it an X mile torture session just doesn’t have the same effect. (Wait…maybe that’s why I struggle with speed still?)

  3. I love peanut butter. I buy it in huge jugs and buy a new one when the current one is still 1/4 full. I don’t know if I’d be able to function without it. Oh, awesome run, by the way!

  4. I know you were nervous when you started out this training cycle, but I think you took the right approach and I’m so glad to see that it’s going so well – this is so awesome, I’m so happy for you!

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