Madison Mini Marathon: Delayed Awesome-sauce

This is what the start of the Madison Mini Marathon looked like:


At 6:58 A.M. the race announcer told us all to take cover in a parking garage or in one of the campus buildings for inclement weather.  It wasn’t raining at this point.  My first reaction was a big  W T F!

It started to drizzle, hardly.  I made a silent protest against going inside and instead stood outside.  Other upset runners stood by to bitch with me.  We do all have the same heart, remember.

I sat down on some grass under a tree, because that’s a wise thing to do when there’s lightning in the distance.  Time kept ticking away, and I began to shiver, covered in goosebumps.  Cold muscles would do me no good if we ever did get to start.  My silent protest was over.  I went inside a campus building.

Every square inch of the floor was covered with anxious 13.1 hopefuls.  I wandered around looking for somewhere to sit.  In my grumpy daze I heard, “Steena!” and I was happy to see it was Diana and her husband.  If I hadn’t run into these two, I likely would have left the scene by 8:00.  Being in good company during a pain-in-the-ass delay was the only way I was going to make it.  I have zero patience.

4e4fe99accc37.imageAt 8:15 a volunteer told us to head back to the starting area and if lightning struck within the next 5 minutes we would be asked to go back inside.  The race DJ thought he was witty by playing AC/DC’s Thunderstruck.  I was not amused.  I was shivering, cold, wet, and just wanted to be running.

Mother Nature finally gave in, we started running at 8:30.  I had an hour and a half worth of delayed angst and it was raining.  This was going to be a a wacky race.

With the first 5 miles all being under or very near a 9:06 pace a tiny voice in my head whispered, “You could break 2 hours if you can keep this up”

The more reasonable voice said, “You didn’t train specifically for this race, you’ll PR no matter what, don’t get all must-break-2-hours-crazy.  STFU and run”

And then we hit the Arboretum and all of its asshole hills.  I lost some time and energy on the hills.  I have to find a flatter half marathon!  Throughout the entire second half of the race,  those two voices were arguing with each other, it kept me amused.

DSC_9025 copy

When my Garmin read 1:58 I knew I wouldn’t break 2 hours, there was still a mini hill left at the end.  But the end still had a big, fat 14 minute PR waiting for me.

Official finish time was 02:01:37.


Mother Nature can delay awesome, but she can not stop it.


18 thoughts on “Madison Mini Marathon: Delayed Awesome-sauce

  1. First time reader here. I really enjoyed your blog about the mini. I was out there in the rain as well, and loved your witty account of that morning’s events. I’ll definitely be reading more.

  2. *High five* – Way to keep control of what you wanted from that race and not let the inner crazies get you injured! Sometimes getting through those voices is a bigger PR than anything a watch says. Aside from that – CONGRATS ON THE 14 MINUTE SHAVE!!! WAHOO!!

    PS – You totally crack me up… “Mother Nature can delay awesome but she can not stop it.” LOL!! You know I’m going to be thinking that the next time I’m getting rained on at the starting gate.

  3. Steena,
    Great PR. You go girl. Great to see you back in there. Such an inspiration. I am starting back to running my 5K’s twice a month to break me in. A 10K in November and looking to attempt my first half marathon in the Spring 2012.

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