Four Things Friday – Bike path distress are five things that drive me crazy on the bike path.

No, I could not narrow it down to four this on this Friday.

1.  Pedestrians who sway and stagger all over the entire lane.  Why is it so difficult to walk in a straight line?  One of these days I’m going to plow into a straggler.

2.  Pedestrians who make a snap decision to cross the bike path without looking behind them.  A general rule of thumb is to look both ways before crossing a road, right?  Let’s put this same kind of thinking into the bike path too.  Mmmmk?

3.  Pedestrians who walk side by side with another person, and take up the entire lane.  Come on.  I can’t be the only person whizzing by on a bike at 15 mph.  You’d think a few angry “On your left” shouts would give them the hint to move over a little.  Or, maybe I’m the only angry cyclist out there.

4.  Girls on big, clumsy, antique looking bikes with a basket of flowers who ride right down the middle of the lane.  Okay, it’s obvious they think that they’re cute, but they are slow moving and in the way.

5.  People who text while biking.  If one of these text’n’bikers ever crashes into me, there’s going to be a stabbing.  And I’ll tweet you from jail!




20 thoughts on “Four Things Friday – Bike path distress

  1. Oh, I can be guilty of these! I am the runner doing an out-and-back who turns around right in front of you–I try to remember to look first, I really do! But what about bikes who whizz by without a shout or a ding on their bell? That’s not nice either.

  2. My hubs broke his shoulder BLADE (gross) when he was out riding on the bike path and someone decided to turn right in front of him.
    I was very stabby about it…still am…

  3. I feel your pain! People are just wandering about in their own little world… Lately I’ve been doing more running than biking on the trails here and at least I can scuffle me feet a few times before I throw our verbal attitude!

    Although I will say that it is also very annoying when a rider whizzes by withOUT saying “on your left”. I naturally run to the far right so that’s not the issue…some bikes are really quiet and scare the bajeebus out of me when suddenly they are right next to me!

  4. All but #4 also translate to running on the track in the early mornings when all the seniors citizens are there. They have no concept of staying in their lane while I do speed work. We may have exchange words…someone has to tell them, right? 🙂

  5. I get annoyed when I’m on a trail and a biker does not give a warning that they’re coming. Even though I run as far to the right as I can, sometimes I’ll run in the middle if the trail is sloped. A ding or two on the bell (you should get one) and a “passing on the left” shout-out works for me. Walkers get in the way of runners too… the important thing we all need to learn better is to share the trail. Simple signage would help, but everywhere I’ve ran is the same.

    • A bell will add ounces to my bike. I can’t have that. Or, I guess I could lose 2 lbs. of body fat to compensate. HAHA. The other side of the “on your left” is that sometimes just saying that startles someone and they quick hop into my line of destruction. This is why I should just toss the bike!

  6. HAHA! I love the photo! That’s how I feel ALL THE TIME. People are idiots. I have to deal with this crap all the time. People walking 5 wide and taking up the whole path, then giving me dirty looks when I tell them I’m trying to pass them? Idiots!

  7. Texting on a bike. OMG I never saw that one. But I did have a small (Legally Blond Type) dog jump out the a bike’s front carriage on to my back and try to bite me while I was running! Could that be added as 4a? No psychotic dogs in bike baskets!

  8. No, you’re not the only angry cyclist. I think MOST of them are pretty mad much of the time. Must make you the real deal! ;0)
    People are unaware of trail rules and frankly, most of them are pretty oblivious, on their own worlds.
    Love the stabby pic!

  9. I bike a lot on the paths, and I’d add runners who run right on the center stripe of the bike path…and cyclists who don’t adjust their speed based on how crowded the trail is.

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