Running Buzz Aldrin style

THREE – wake up ass early

TWO  – diet RockStar

ONE – peanut butter and toast

BLAST OFF – run 18 miles!!

I sure put a lot of climax into that for a seemingly uneventful long run.  Nothing crazy happened, gravity intact, no random pains, no deep black holes to fall into, no remarkable mental battles to over-come, just me running.  That’s good though.  Maybe after a few more shenanigan-free long runs I won’t be so on edge about them.

One highlight is that I stopped at gas station and tried a different kind of fuel; Coke.  High humidity made this run a challenge,  a cold can of fizzy coke was just the right feeling I needed in my stomach to finish the run off.  Why can’t they have Coke at aid stations?


Commander Steena

I’m galaxies beyond grateful to have made it this far in training.  I reread my post in May where I first spilled my guts about signing up for the Chicago Marathon in the first place.  I’m on another planet from where I was when I posted that.  It’s pretty cool to have gone to another planet in three months time, I’m like an astronaut!

It’s also pretty cool that I’ve reevaluated my post long run  duties by doing those things that the experts recommend:  stretch, ice-bath, chocolate milk, compression pants.  Surprisingly, those things actually work.  I don’t know why I tried to defy the laws of gravity before.  It’s now 24 hours after my 18 mile run and I feel great.

Great enough to throw on my jet-pack hop on my bike  and head downtown for the famer’s market and the Taste of Madison festivities (in the rain, in my spacesuit).

Happy long weekend and beware of astroids!

/end corniest post ever


8 thoughts on “Running Buzz Aldrin style

  1. Yea! So glad you had such a strong run and are still feeling awesome! Not much longer know til Chicago – you’ve got this!
    (and they DO serve Coke in the later miles of ultras…something to consider…)

  2. I am so glad it is coming together…and yes, those things DO work!! I don’t caer WHAT the studies say…those grad students are just bored and looking to make a name for themselves!! 😉

  3. I volunteered at an Ironman and they had coke at the water stations. Also, I THINK they do coke for Ultra Marathons. Glad to see your training is going well! I’ve got 18 this week and none of my long runs yet have been that good, can’t believe I’m already at 18.

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