Better early than never

So I was running one afternoon (whoa, shocker), and I was thinking about and appreciating all of those supportive people that I’m surrounded by through my training.  and of course, the poor sucker who has to live with me, my husband.

I remembered David’s post from October last year about National Married to a Runner Appreciation Day, and realized that I’m too early.  National Married to a Runner Appreciation Day is on October 25th.  But just like Valentine ’s Day, I don’t wait for a specific day of the year to show that I love or appreciate my husband.  So I’m expressing my appreciation early.  But, please do mark your calendars for the official National Married to a Runner Appreciation Day and give your sweetie a smooch of appreciation, because we runners are a difficult bunch.

Or is that just me?

The difficult part.


My crazy-patient, loyal and awesome husband did the following for me during this year’s training:

  • He ran Crazy Legs Classic 8k with me.  He’s not a runner, but he wanted to be there for my first race of the season after my injury.  We finished at the same exact time to the second.
  • He woke up at 4:00 AM with me the morning of my first triathlon
  • Speaking of the triathlon, he made me a PIE!


  • He dominated the Madison Quarter Marathon with me.
  • He ran the last 3 miles of a 15 mile run with me after I burst into the house at mile 12 in a heat induced hysteria.  To  have the magic to calm me down while putting running clothes on within 5 minutes is pure husband talent.
  • The morning I woke up and could not find my peanut butter before a 17 mile run he drove to the store to get some.  Trust me, leaving the house and going to the store was easier than dealing with my early morning crazy.
  • As I was finishing my 20 mile run he saw me run past the house and quick ran down the street to try and join me.  Lucky for him I only had a tenth of a mile to go.
  • He makes the pasta dinners, he puts the kttape on me because I can’t do it myself, he gets the ice-baths ready, he massages my sore legs, he has to listen to me blabber on for hours about running, it’s gotta be tough to pretend to be interested for that long!
  • He doesn’t know this yet, but he’s so driving me to and from Chicago Marathon.
  • He will be running around at the Chicago Marathon like a photography ninja trying to get photos of me and my friend Matt.
  • Speaking of photos, 99% of my race photos that are on this blog are taken by him.  I rarely have to buy a race photo because he’s a photography ninja.

Basically, he’s full of awesome.

Happy early National Married to a Runner Appreciation Day.


19 thoughts on “Better early than never

  1. Aaaw! What a sweetie you’ve got!
    I was just thinking last night about how much my hubs does for me so I can train – he has cooked dinner EVERY NIGHT for the last 2 or 3 weeks so I can get in my two-a-day workouts. He even cleaned the effing bathroom while I was workout out this week. If I didn’t love him to pieces before, I certainly do now!

  2. You forgot about the bike tire lesson – or is that for Married To A Triathlete Day? Or just Married To Steena Day? I’m sure that deserves recognition on its own. 🙂

  3. Good reminder!! My husband would have been just as happy lifting wts for a few hrs a week and swimming every day until I sucked him into my energy draining lifestyle….I really need to thank him b/c I’m not sure I’ll EVER do one of those 3 mile open water races with him.. 😉

  4. I love LOVE LOVE this post! It really reminds me how much of an awesome support system my wife is. She’s not a runner and hates running but she always signs up for a 5K at the same race weekends I sign up for. She always feeds me, which when Runger strikes, is a feat onto itself. But I love the awareness that your raise. None of us could do the things we do without the support we get from our loved ones.

  5. You’re a very lucky girl. I am sharing this with my husband – partly because he’s awesome, and partly because he needs to know he’s not the only one facing demands for early morning nut-spread and some semblance of serenity. 🙂

  6. That’s awesome! My hubs is supportive. Not as much as yours (I think he might have a little bit of the running crazy there), but just enough to get by. LOL!

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