Thirty year old legs

Taken on my birthday trail run

Turns out, my legs have been just waiting to turn 30 years old.  They have been astounding me with their normalcy after an 11.03 mile trail run, and then a 6 mile run the following day.

(Oh, quick trail run recap:  I got lost,  s e r i o u s l y.  I called my husband a little panicked.  First he laughed, then he told me to keep turning right.  I told him I was, he said then go left!  Oh.  I finally found my way out onto familiar trails, ran into some killer turkey, but made it out alive, obviously).

uh…LEGS?  Where is the revolt?  I expect revolt.  Where is the punishment?  Why isn’t something hurting?  Something should hurt.  I’m beginning to worry that I’m not worried about my limbs.

It’s like I should have signed up for Rails to Trails Marathon again!  (Not)(???)

Oh hush, NOT.

My thirty year old healthy legs remind me of a statement I made in a post last December:

I will finish 2011 stronger than I’m starting it

I’d say I’m headed that way.  Stronger, smarter, and maybe a tad more patient.  This is great, considering the year is almost over.  The excitement of healthy and happy legs made me impulsively take the first step in making my spring marathon babble real.  I hit the “register” button.  It’s on.



10 thoughts on “Thirty year old legs

  1. Glad you found your way out of the woods before the turkeys ganged up and got you, haha. It’s awesome that you are back to your normal running self, best of luck in the May marathon!

  2. SO awesome! Hooray for you! I can totally relate to getting lost in the local trail system. I ran my first unofficial half-marathon trying to find my way home – ironically, on the morning of my son’s birthday party.
    Clicking “register” always makes for good things. Happy training 🙂

  3. Your turkey tweets still make me laugh. Sorry…but true.
    I have ZERO sense of direction so while I like trail running, I’d need my peeps with me.
    Or a breadcrumb trail.

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