Santamental ramblings

It’s funny how when I’m busy, being a productive and social being in the world I have nothing to blog about.  I spent my weekend visiting good friends, Monday night eating desserts with some lovely girls I met through Twitter, and Tuesday dwelling on the stress that I’m trying to ignore.

My crooked pelvis is stressing my hamstring, and therefore me out.  Training for my spring marathon is supposed to start in just a little over a week.  Also in a little over week marks the end of the year where my goal was to end it stronger than started.

Am I stronger?  Yes, mostly.  Am I ending it on a good note and healthy legs?  Blah.

Here I am going into another training cycle with uncertainty.  What makes my head spin is the fact that this wasn’t due to reckless overtraining.  It just happened.  Last year I could say, “Yeah, this was my fault, I ran two marathons in 4 weeks, that was dumb”.

This year all I can say is, “shit”.

Shit on a stick.


I don’t really want to hit “publish” because I’d rather be in jolly good spirits for Christmas.  If you haven’t noticed, Christmas is in five days, and THERE IS NO SNOW!!  If there was snow, I could merrily cross country ski instead of stress out about my hamstring (maybe).  But I’m hitting publish, because I’m a human and feel stress, and omg THAT’S OKAY.

we're all a little santamental

we're all a little santamental


16 thoughts on “Santamental ramblings

  1. You’re right! are aloud to feel stress. Let that injury heal and then you will start moving forward with your training, and will come back better and stronger.
    And ” shit on a stick” ….will be my new saying of the week! 😉

  2. I’m sorry you are going through this. I am too. I quit running again. I haven’t done it in over a month. My heart isn’t even in it anymore because I’ve been hurt too many times now. It just sucks.

  3. I just started following your blog, you’re pretty funny! Thanks for the honest feelings.
    What would you tell a friend that was feeling like you? Read your own post from last year at this time… 12/27/2010? Running makes you happy, the rest is just life stuff and will eventually pass.
    Of yeah, from a fellow mid-westerner…. stand by, we’ll get snow. 🙂

  4. You and me both, babe. UGH! My shoulder is a thing that just magically happened once upon a time too. I can try and figure it out, but at the end of the day, I don’t really know and all I can say is ‘shit’. I wish I had something positive and inspiring to offer, but really, today I’d rather just buy you a beer and let us both wallow for a minute. But only a minute. Then we got some shizzle to do. Up and onward.

  5. I’m right there with you. Supposed to have already started marathon training, but already have a “tweak”. I just keep telling myself that a shorter training cycle can be better because you aren’t as worn out come race day. Just think of it that way!

  6. I LOVE that you said shit on a stick! Glad you haven’t been even more sidelined! Injuries and just body issues that mess up running absolutely are annoying, but help make you a stronger person! You are a strong person, but you can only get stronger, right?

  7. I’m a Canadian and supposed to be all: ” I love snow and winter blah blah blah”.
    Not me…I can readily imagine a white Christmas. This is why I have wine.
    and vodka.

  8. Hey Canadian’s are cool – but I’m a Montrealer living in California, so that don’t make me Crazy – Since there’s no snow and the Vodka’s cheaper!

    As for ending the year with uncertainty and stressed? You did the Lake Loop! You did the Lake Loop! It was a GREAT year. Now you need to finish your Christmas shopping! 🙂

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