a Year of Happy Paced Photos

jan 1 2 icc

Ran a mile at midnight into the start of 2011

My first itty bitty trail run coming back from runner's knee

After a 6 mile run with my pal Robin where we discussed the potential of me shitting myself

Glacial Drumlin State Trail


First race in 2011 coming back from runner's knee, 5 minute PR, BAM!

My favorite quarter mile stretch to run on, I always, always include this on my way home from a long run.

66% of runners think about sex while running; only 8% think about running during sex.

General silliness


The rewards of my first triathlon


Ran my heart out at the Madison Quarter Marathon with a finish of 56:11


Chicken dance run to T1

I ran 14.9 miles, fell down, and got back up again to finish my 15 mile run

SHARE the bike path



I was THIS close to breaking 2 hours for the Madison Mini Marathon


Goodbye Chicago

WooWOOOooo My second ever 10k

I got around the Lake Loop!


I kept my legs healthy enough to be able to run in the snow!! (Let's not discuss the fact that I had to drive 2 hours north for that snow)


19 thoughts on “a Year of Happy Paced Photos

  1. Your pictures make me miss Madison so much! If my knee allows it, I want to do the Madison Half Marathon in May. Send me some good healing vibes!

  2. There is SO much greatness to this post!! Ha LOVE stabby and love the second ever 10k in your Thomas the Train costume! And that last photo is gorgeous! You’ve had a good year, Steena!

  3. Love the photos as a way to look back on the year! (May have to steal it…) Great shots too. Good way to remind yourself of accomplishments without getting all statisticy. Love the chicken dance and stabby pics, of course, but wow – took a while to get to the start line of the Madison Quarter Mary, huh? Kudos all around on a great year, and may I just say, in my least creepy stalker voice possible, that you pull of an excellent Thomas the Tank Engine?

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