Every mile feels like two in winter

First, I want to thank you all for your feedback on the chiropractor post.  You guys are very passionate about your method of fixing things, and your comments gave me a lot to consider.  I did go in to see mystery Chiropractor #3.

He’s a triathlete, a swimmer, goes to the same gym as I do, and most importantly, treated and questioned me for what I went in for in the first place.  Instead of treating me like a text book subject, he conducted the visit for me and my pelvis.  He did make an adjustment and my glute felt great for the next 6 hours or so.  The glute pinch did creep back a little later, but I did go for my long run after the adjustment, which I know I really shouldn’t have done.  Also, my insurance covers all of the visits from this chiropractor, which is just peachy.

The long run was interesting.  The upper part of my quadriceps were obscenely sore from cross country skiing on Thursday.  That was the first time in a year that I went cross country skiing, so some muscles that haven’t been used that way in a long time got a wake up call.  It literally hurt to put pants on the following morning.

After a few errands and noticing how much of a struggle it was for me to get out of the car the mister said, “Are you sure you can run today?”

“Yeah, I’m going to feel like ass by mile 6, but I can’t be a puss every time I’m sore, it’s bad enough every time I’m actually hurt”.

RUN14BSo off I went into the winter wonderland of Madison.  The sidewalks were covered in mushy snow, it really felt like running through sand in some spots.  Some people shoveled well, some people don’t own shovels?  I was wearing StableIcers for the first time, which kept good traction, but I need another not-s0-sore run in them to really know if they contributed to slowing me down.

Something else I should mention about StableIcers is that if they are small on your shoe, they will bend them inward a little, and cause horrible, horrible blisters.  I have one on the side of my big toe that is the size of a quarter and filled with blood.  I can’t look at it in the imaginary eye, it’s really gross.  It makes me queasy.

I was right about feeling like ass by mile six, I had to stop, walk, and stretch.  I repeated this every mile until I got home.  It felt like slow, molasses ass, but it was good for me.  My legs can’t be fresh for every run, it was an exercise in toughening up.  Something that occurred to me before I even left the house for this run, is that lately I’ve been coming up with fears and excuses to not run.  Sometimes the fears are within reason, but sometimes I’m just being a big wimp.  I need to get back to fearless running.

It was an uncomfortable, yet enjoyable run in the beautiful winter sunshine.  Now, post run?  Ouch, ouch, ouch I want to live in an igloo and have a maid that brings me vodka and cheesecake for the next week or so.  Can some one go ahead and arrange that for me?


17 thoughts on “Every mile feels like two in winter

  1. Hmm. There are so many things I think you did “wrong” – long run after chiro, long run with crazy sore quads, thinking running when you hurt is good for you – but I’m on my iPhone so I’ll shut up, and say that I am glad you had a good run! And I just got info for a good chiro myself. Maybe we can compare notes.

  2. Wow that sounds a rough run! I had a similar experience yesterday. Not with the blisters but just a very challenging run. Rough slippery unstable surfaces make for very difficult running. It’s probably 30% tougher in those conditions.

    I’m glad you powered through. There is a fair amount of just sucking it up and pushing through. That way you know you can d it. Of course you need to be the judge of how much is too much.

    You’re pretty tough. Now take care of those feet and contact the stabilizers and let them know what happens with poor fitment.

    • It was hard, maybe one of those runs where I’d enjoy it a lot more if I turned off the Garmin.
      Good call on giving StableIcers feedback.. I did buy the proper size for my shoe size. Next time I’ll use some BodyGlide though!

  3. I’m right there with you…I need to stop with the whining and actually push myself through some of that normal soreness. Sure, I can let real pain stop me, but having muscles aching from the “good sore” is a part of the game. It makes me feel like I’m really putting in an effort {I’ve gotten back to lifting a bit}…so why do I let it hold me back on longer runs?! Definitely need to find me some fearless running and stop holding out for the perfect run…

    Also, I’d like to hear more about those Stabilicers – did I miss the original post? They look a bit more appealing than yaxtrax, especially since a fair amount of my running happens on cleared sidewalks, even on snowy days.

    • I didn’t really review them in an earlier post. I really need to go for a less sore run in them to be a fair judge of how well they work. The one thing about them I like is that I don’t feel like I’m ruining them by running on concrete. Other reviews that I read some people said they make the shoe feel heavier, I didn’t notice, but my legs were also lead-legs.

  4. I really enjoyed running last winter. It was so cold, and the ice was a little scary, but as a new runner, I found it help take the focus off what my body was doing – if that makes any sense. I had my first really good “thinking” runs, over the snow and ice at around -15 degrees Celius. I can’t wait to get back to it 🙂

  5. Great job going out there with snow on the ground; your pace is great particulary considering those conditions! I’ve never tried those stableicers. I agree that sometimes you just have to push yourself to get out there and do it, especially in the winter. Too bad you can’t run in Maryland — no snow here. 🙂

  6. My coach says that while you do have to listen to your body…you also have to learn how to run on tired legs. I find this a tough one especially if it is cold..like it was for us yesterday. But it ended up being a good run and if I hadn’t gone, I would have regretted it for sure.

  7. I don’t have much to offer that hasn’t already been said, other than “cheers”. I feel you on a lot of this – gotta know how to run on tired legs, but I don’t run on chiro days unless it’s before the appt. Also – if the stableicers bother you on try #2, you might consider yaktrax. I love mine – and really – you notice them when you’re walking on them, but then forget about them as soon as you start running. I’ve never had to adjust my stride because of them and frankly, they make me feel like a kangaroo – or like I’ve got springs in my legs. I kinda dig ’em.

    • I do have YakTrax, the first pair I owned I broke after one 10 mile run. The 2nd pair I’ve been hesitant to use because I’m afraid I’ll break them. The sidewalks were 50/50 snow or concrete, so I thought StableIcers would be better for those conditions. I agree though, the Yaks are fun and make me feel springy!

  8. You’re brave!! I won’t even embark on a long run without fresh legs! I rest the day before and have to re-arrange my long ride once tri season comes b/c I won’t do them back to back! Good work…Hope the chiro fixes your tilted self up right too!! 🙂

  9. Pretty happy with my stabilicers. They don’t break like my yaktrax and the stabilicer company’s great. Suggest you tweet your blister complaint to them and get their thoughts.

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