Four Things Friday – Knuckle Honey Snail Inspiration

j27 for blog33

zomg these are GREAT for photography too!

1.  I’ve been wanting a pair of Knuckle Lights since daylight went away in November.  The $40 price tag turned me off, but so does my cheap-o headlamp that dies by the end of a run.  On a whim I went to the Knuckle Lights website this week and noticed that they are sold right here in my area, which makes the $40 price tag less offensive when I don’t have to pay for shipping and WAIT for shipping.  Have I ever mentioned I’m impatient?  Do I have to mention it?  It should be fairly obvious.  Anyway, the Knuckle Lights are great, and they will get a lot of use even in the summer when I wake up at the crack of dawn for before-work runs.

2.  Another product I tried recently was Honey Stingers energy gel.  GROSS.  Too sweet, and it tastes like honey, and, um, I don’t like the taste of honey.  You read that right, I don’t like the taste of honey, but thought that maybe Honey Stingers might be worth a shot.  Go ahead and throw tomatoes at me.  Or better yet, throw snowballs at me like Mr. HappyPace did on our cross country ski excursion last Saturday when I was loudly and dramatically gagging from the honey.

3.  Did you know the garden snail is considered the slowest land animal with a speed of only .03 miles per hour?  I didn’t know either, but after feeling slow on my progression run I googled “slowest animal” just to make myself feel better.  The snail didn’t make me feel better, but the kind support from DailyMilers sure did!  Thanks friends!

4.  I found The Runner’s Book of Daily Inspiration book at a used book store.  Who would sell this?  What runner doesn’t need inspiration from time to time?  Well it’s mine now, and I’m INSPIRED.  The book is written with each page dated, and Thursday’s resolve just so happen to match the mood of my Thursday run, “I let go of a bad day and look for better things tomorrow”.  The better things tomorrow (today) are it’s FRIDAY, it’s rest day, it’s book club day, and I’m content with everything at the moment.


14 thoughts on “Four Things Friday – Knuckle Honey Snail Inspiration

  1. …Hey! I just posted about my knuckle lights as well. I love them.
    I like the honey stinger chews but I find them really sticky. Nothing like picking chews of our your teeth during a run.

  2. SO jealous of your knuckle lights….totally don’t run by myself when it’s dark because I’m a weany so I haven’t gotten any sort of lighting system for that yet. :-/ Maybe I should see if they are sold in my area! You are so smart! And I want that book, so I’m jealous of that too!

  3. I don’t like honey things either, but I do like honey drizzled on peanut butter toast . . . What book did you read for your book club–or is it just a “book club” that gets you out for a girl’s night out?

  4. Hmm, I’ve heard a lot about knuckle lights. I’m a headlamp runner myself. Maybe we’ll get a full post on why you like them? Inquiring minds want to know!

    I like Honey Stingers but only for cycling. You’re right, they are super sweet. I enjoy the pink lemonade!

  5. Those lights look awesome! I think I will buy a pair. I run in the dark every morning and it’s a miracles I havent tripped and fallen yet. I LOVE those honey stingers!

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