Madison is my Happy Place

This morning I woke up to disappointing news that our offer was turned down on a house that we offered the asking price on.  Disappointed and insulted, I grumbled through my morning and all the other annoyances that come with the early hours.  It reminded me how much I dislike getting excited for something and then get letdown.  I hate that.  Hate it, hate it, hate it.  I’m generally very protective of that sour spot in me, and don’t let myself get excited for the uncertain.

Fast-forward a few hours later, I’m having a conversation with my favorite member at work.  He knows me pretty well, knew about the offer on the house, I told him, and he offered his empathy and asked, “What about Verona, Oregon or Sun Prairie?”

No to suburbs. I respond…

“No. I love MADISON. Madison is waking up early on Saturday morning and riding my bike to the farmer’s market and having a Teddywedger for breakfast. Madison is running around the bay in a t-shirt and shorts while fishermen are ice fishing. Madison is taking a short walk to Jenifer Street Market to get some bananas. Madison is where I want to be”

Having never really thought about what Madison means to me, it felt fantastic to spit it out like that.  When I think back to the gains I’ve made by living in this radiant city, it’s the athleticism that comes to mind. (Friends too, HI FRIENDS!!)  The first apartment I lived in was on the run course of the Wisconsin IronMan.  One day I looked out of the window and thought, “What the hell is going on?” There were iron strong athletes running 26.2 miles right under my bedroom window.  The second apartment I lived on was on the Madison Marathon course.  I remember sitting on my porch watching people run by thinking, “Ugh, they’ve been running for longer than an hour. I could never do that. Could I? Maybe I could. Nah, probably not”

Ha.  Hahahahaha.

It was only a matter of time before instances like these lit a fire under my ass and inspired me t to join the camaraderie of racing.  I owe this city a huge thank you.


Madison is responsible for the athlete in me, and I never want to move away from that.


15 thoughts on “Madison is my Happy Place

  1. Did you tell your real estate agent that you can only look at places that are on race routes? Glad you love your fair city. I need to figure out a trip where we can get together for a daylight run around one of those lakes!

  2. First, I am so sorry about the house. Been there and it is so frustrating. The only thing that’s worse is when you’re on the other end and are trying to sell and these screwed up things happen. Something will come your way and it will be better than you possibly imagined!! Just wait and see…
    AND…because I ALWAYS have to have another way to look at things….
    I’ve lived everywhere from Louisiana to Ohio, from Missouri to Florida, and from Malaysia to Mississippi…. one of the BEST parts of relocating so many times and having the chance to live in all these cities was taking my athleticism with me to discover new places and having new adventures. Don’t lock yourself into 1 place…or 1 idea….EVER! Be open to anything and everything that comes your way because you just never know what’s lurking around the corner… 😉

    • Jenn, I dare to you live in Madison for just 3 months and tell me this again. Madison is the greatest city for athletes. On my 6 mile run the other night I saw 3 different run groups plow past me all dolled up in headlamps. On my drive home for my lunch hour I saw dozens of triathlete looking guys wearing their Trek clothing and zipping up John Nolan Drive on their $8000 bikes. This is the place to be!

  3. So true that all of those exercisers in plain sight can make you get off your tush. That is one thing I truly do not like about my new city vs. my old city. Here = a tiny trickle of exercisers. There = a Niagra of exercisers. I swear just looking at people running a marathon can give you endorphins.

  4. I actually visited Madison a few years ago for a work trip. It was during the Fall and I ran along a lake by the university – such a beautiful area.

  5. Sorry about the house! That’s one thing that I don’t know how people deal with it when they don’t get a house — hard to stay in a limbo with emotions! I can totally see why you loved Madison though and those experiences are really, really neat!

  6. I get it. I eft Madison in 2008 and still want to move back all the time. It’s a special city. The right house will eventually come along.

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