An elevation boost

Hello?  Speed?  Has anyone seen my speed?  I seemed to have lost it, or I’ve convinced myself that I did.  To find it, I’ve been trying interval workouts, progression runs, tempo runs… TRYING is the keyword there.  Not all of them have actually turned out the way I intended them to be.

After my long run I did my ritual stretching, shower, chocolate milk consumption, and analyzed my run from the feedback on my trusty Garmin.  Then to really get wild I dug into the archives of my DailyMile and Garmin Connect data to compare it to my last 12 mile long run, which was July 9th.

Have a laugh, I mean, a look at the elevation difference:


July 9th, 2011 - total elevation gain of 101 feet.


February 4th, 2012 - Total elevation gain of 866 feet.

July’s run took 1:56:39 with a pace of 9:43

February’s run took 1:55:43 with a pace of 9:38

So, um, WOW.

The pace difference isn’t by much, but considering the ballsier route I took in February I’m giddy to acknowledge that I’ve made some progress.  Maybe my tempo runs aren’t as speedy as I’d like, but progress feels as gratifying as a new pair of running shoes.


15 thoughts on “An elevation boost

  1. Sometimes it’s hard to see the change, but that is a great run. Very interesting comparison. I wrote a post entitled “Where did my speed go?” awhile ago. I have finally found it. Not sure how it came together, but it did. Just keep sticking at it.

  2. The route makes a huge difference…so yeah, I think you rocked your run! That is a lot of up/down going on there!

    Also, any idea how to get my stupid Garmin elevation chart to start at my actual elevation?! It starts at 0 elevation and since I’m at 5,000 something my chart looks perfectly flat, even with a few hundred feet gained. I’m not smart enough to figure out what happened…

  3. I don’t even know how to copy any pretty graphs from my Garmin Connect page, so I don’t use it. Did you order those purple mizunos yet? 😉

  4. Imagine how fast you’ll be in an actual race. I’m always faster than I think I’m going to be because of the excitement of an actual race and being around all the other runners. And those hills you’re running are making you stronger and faster!

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