Winter blahs make Spring hurrahs

Lake Loopin

Taken on my lake loop yesterday

Good news guys, Spring will BE here in 30 days!

Even better news?  We get to turn the clocks back in 21 days.


(Cue mariachi band celebration)

With this being my first winter that I’m training for something, I’m starting to notice some differences I have in training habits.  The colder temperature gives me the luxury to sleep in.  This luxury is making it harder for me to get out the door and go run though.  I notice I tend to dillydally more in the morning before heading out.  Yesterday I even acted like the asshole I would have hated a year ago, “I don’t wannnnna gooooooo.  Fourteen miles to is toooooo far.  I don’t wanna.  I don’t.  Waaaaaaah

For real.

With that kind of demeanor it’s no surprise that my lake loop run didn’t feel very good.  It didn’t feel good mentally. Leg-wise it was all good, except for the sluggishness, but that’s because of my mentality, right?

Or, maybe it’s the lake loop.  The lake loop is hard and I won’t let the idea of the lake loop die.  Just like I won’t let the idea of completing a marathon that I’m proud of die.  It’s very confusing, seeing as I like to stab things.

Anyway, Spring is near, I need to go back to my neurotic pre-run rituals, and I will be happily frolicking past blooming tulips and daffodils.


8 thoughts on “Winter blahs make Spring hurrahs

  1. Yay! Spring! I have enjoyed this mild winter. It has made training through the winter much easier, but I am with you on the sleeping in and procrastinating if I am running by myself. I somehow can only manage to hop up and go if I am meeting someone.

    PS: The other awesome thing about spring almost being here is my birthday is the first day of spring.

  2. I have to disagree with you on turning the clock forward. I run in the morning and I hate losing the light that has just recently started coming to my runs. I prefer light mornings and dark nights. But yes, Spring overall will be nice!

  3. I used to prefer running in the winter since it’s easier to stay hydrated, but lately, the dry skin, darkness and extra achiness have made me long for the days of having to carry two or three water bottles!

  4. I love the cooler weather now!! In the spring and summer I have to be out the door by 5:30.. 6 at the latest or risk impending death as result of the heat and humidity. We’ve had a few warm fronts to remind me of what’s to come and I’m NOT looking forward to it!! HOWEVER, like you I do prefer to get my ass out and get it done! For now, I’m enjoying the extra winks and time for the coffee. It’ll be gone all too soon!!

  5. I hate that DayLight savings happens on a Sunday…when we do our long run so we start an hr ‘early’. In the end I guess it doesn’t matter…I am a crab no matter what time of the morning it is.
    Bring it on spring!

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