Ellen wisdom

home-buyingBetween the home buying process and marathon training, I developed an anxiety build up and I finally exploded.  Poof! went my sanity.  For a 12 hour time span I was oversensitive and had a disordered perception of my very being.

And then I danced.

I threw in my Dance Central game for the Xbox kinect to pop and lock my evening away.  Damn it really felt gooood.  Now I know why Ellen DeGeneres is always so cheerful, she dances.

On the home buying front, the inspection is today.  Things are slowly becoming more real.  My bank account is slowly shrinking.  And my biggest concern is that the closing date is set for eight days before Wisconsin Marathon.  Oh those 26.2 miles will never come easy.

As for training, I have lost speed.  Just a couple of weeks ago I tried to convince myself that I didn’t lose speed, but darn it, I did.  Where did it go?  I can’t find it.  I’ve been told it’s the weather, it’s the winter, it’s the dark, it’s just a funk, I’m putting too much pressure on myself, etc, etc.

justin-bieber-fist-pumps-with-ellen-degeneresIn the big picture, the speed isn’t that important, but I do fear that my marathon buddy Diana will have to ditch me at the 10k mark if I can’t pull myself together by then.  What is important, is that I’m runnnnning and my legs are okay with that.  My delicate, injury prone, overdramatic legs are letting me train again.  I’m very grateful for that.

When life hands you oranges and they turn out to be lemons, it’s good to take a moment to be grateful for the sweet lemon-aid.  Better yet, make like Ellen and dance.


8 thoughts on “Ellen wisdom

  1. David consistently has better words of wisdom that I could every come up.
    Keep smiling, run on and dance. Letting stress take over means it wins and that is never good.

  2. The speed will come back once you’ve been able to log those long run consecutively….you’ll get it back…just be patient and don’t force it. Congratulations on being a home owner….and you thought life was a big ole dance party before….just wait 😉

  3. A) This being my first marathon, I have no time goal. My goal is to finish it. Besides, if I go really fast first time, there’s nothing to improve on the second time! We should run more together during training, but I’m with you marathon buddy. Unless, you start piling glitter and jack daniels ke$ha style. I can’t handle that sh*t.
    B) We are in to help with the move. We can help paint or do whatever you need. I mean, we live soooooooo far away and all, but I think i can handle the two block walk to both old and new house. Just let us know what you need.

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