Phrases that Irk me

“Have a donut, there’s no fat or calories in them”   – HAAAAAAAAAAAAA–that’s so not cute or funny to me.  It’s almost insulting, as if I would just imagine with you that donuts are as good a choice as Greek Yogurt.  I’m not a prude when it comes to treats, I do indulge on cookies, muffins, pie, and ice cream from time to time.  But when I kindly say “no thank you” there’s no need to blatantly write up false nutrition facts on your donuts.

“Ohhhh, you don’t have to watch what you eat, you’re skinny!”  – You know nothing about my daily caloric intake and outtake, unless you’re stalking me, and that’s bothersome.  Don’t make assumptions about what I can or can’t eat based on your judgment of my waistline.


Would you interrogate my dog for eating an orange too?

“Oh, eating an orange?”  –  YES I AM EATING AN ORANGE OMG.  I just don’t get why people ask me what I’m eating while I’m eating it.  Fruit is not exotic by all means, it’s just fruit.  You can get an orange for 69¢ at the grocery store.  Try it out sometime.

“Make sure you get outside”  – The thing is, I probably spend more time outside than the people who tell me to get outside do.  If your idea of getting outside is driving somewhere to tell a cashier “get outside”, then you fail.

Seeing that it’s “Four Things Friday”, I’ll stop here.  But trust me, there’s more where that came from.  Let’s make it an irk-free Friday!


8 thoughts on “Phrases that Irk me

  1. So, did you put peanut buter on the orange to get your dog interested it or is he a fruit cake too? 😉
    On #2, I want to say, I wouldn’t be if I didn’t watch what I eat- duh!
    As a former fat person, I do think people tend to think that others are “naturally skinny” and don’t have to worry about whay they eat–I think it’s another way of denying responsibility for your own choices/waistline.

    • truth be told, John attached a piece of turkey bacon on the backside of the orange with a tooth pick HAHAHAHA, we’re so sneaky!
      I am a former fat person too, and even now sometimes I’m guilty of thinking some people don’t have to worry about what they eat, but I never outwardly throw that assumption at a person.

    • LOL. Yep, meanwhile, most of these folks have never actually seen someone who is actually too skinny — there is a HUGE difference between thin or athletic and too skinny. Just another way people make themselves feel better by not taking accountability for their own health.

  2. Yah, I think when people say “you’re skinny….[add in so you can eat whatever type comment here]’ you need to just yell back HOW DO YOU THINK I GOT THIS WAY?!?! By eating healthy, duh! LAY OFF ME! =)

  3. I’m with you. I hear comments like that far too often, and they drive me nuts. No, I’m not dieting. No, really, I’M NOT DIETING! I run because I want to, and I eat what I eat because I want to. Maybe we need to get some t-shirts printed….

  4. People often do not know how annoying they are. Usually they are just trying to be witty or make conversation, but comments like these aren’t going to win anyone any favors with me! 🙂

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