The Obligatory Long Run post

It was one of those runs that made me question the point of it all.  Why do I bother?  Why won’t my legs move?  Why do I suck?  Will this ever feel good again?  What happened?

To force fairness into the picture, there was 25 mph wind gusts, and evil marathon buddy Diana plotted a torturous route with 630 feet of elevation gain.  I considered my route last weekend hilly with a whopping 206 ft elevation gain.

Mentally I quit somewhere around mile 8, maybe sooner.  Physically I quit just before mile 15 where the rest of the way was into direct, abusive headwinds.  I stopped, tweeted, texted, cried.  Mr Happy Pace picked me up, drove me about a quarter mile, and I told him to drop me off, I’d run the rest of the way to our finishing meeting spot.  The rest of the way wasn’t quite enough to meet 17 miles, so I ran around a small tenth of a mile block six times until my Garmin read 17 miles.

As much as I want to beat myself up over it, I’m moving on.  Onward to week 11 of training.  Daylight, and better things ahead.


7 thoughts on “The Obligatory Long Run post

  1. Hang in there! I had a number of bad runs and just ran a 3:57 marathon today (with nice weather). And my speed generally sucks and I’m old. Don’t worry the good weather is coming.

  2. :0(
    Blame it on DST. Oh, and cray cray wind! That will zap anyone. I recommend champagne and cookie dough. I’m not a doctor or anything but I’m pretty sure that will help.

  3. I think Mr. Happy Pace gets a trophy for picking you up only to drop you off 1/4 mile later! I adminer your gumption to get back to it and finish it off.

  4. Wind and hills can really break a runner down. I admire you for getting back out of the car for a few more miles, and for putting this one behind you and moving on.

  5. But you still got the miles you needed to in?? That’s awesome – we all have bad days, rough days and days that just seem impossible, but they for sure make you a stronger runner!

  6. The tough days when you have to fight all the way through are really the days that make you stronger mentally ! Keep that determination in mind next time you are standing at the start line of a race 🙂

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