Dear finisher medal,

UntitledDear 2011 Chicago Marathon Finisher Medal,

I’m sorry for leaving you in the trunk of my car since October. That was rude of me. But you were rude too, every time I opened the trunk, there you were, giving me an evil look. You reminded me of my weaknesses, so I’d slam the trunk door back down.  I hoped that I wouldn’t have to ever welcome you into my home, because that would mean that I had finally accepted you.

Well, almost 30 days from now is what I was going to call my “last chance marathon”. I was going to give it one last try, and then move on. But I know that you know that’s a silly thing to say. Just like the word “never”.

I hope that your winter months in the trunk were not as cold and dreary as mine. I welcome you to join us in the apartment, to sit next to my other race medals. You might find common interest with the 2010 Chicago Marathon finisher medal. And when you find yourself feeling at home in your new place amongst my other race medals, please lift the spell that you cast on my current running abilities. I may have wasted an opportunity to utilize those abilities in Chicago in 2011, but dammit, I’d like to feel confident at the starting line in May too.


(lost my) Happy Pace



8 thoughts on “Dear finisher medal,

  1. I so hear you on the one. I just took my medal out from my gym back today from my cruddy 30km race a few weeks ago. I didn’t even look at it when they gave it to me.
    In the end, it’s a pretty nice medal. 🙂

  2. I love that you wrote to your medal! Funny how inanimate objects can give us such negative feelings…. (maybe you can burn it! run it over! or, just feel better about your next attempt. :-))

  3. I love this post! (Mainly because I am a big fan of talking to inanimate objects). I know how you feel. I felt the same way about my Milwaukee metal. So NOT proud of it. But you know, it is a metal. You battled hard to make it to the finish. I know it wasn’t what you expected but you did finish! I’m glad the metal isn’t in the dark anymore.

  4. For some reason this post made me want to run Chicago. I think it was seeing all the medals and hearing the word Chicago multiple times. My mind is an advertisers dream come true.

  5. I agree with David’s comment above. Even the most elite athlete has performances that they are disappointed with but you cannot focus on them. Just learn from it and let it go.

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